Jul 21, 2009
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I’m looking for a secondary tactic that is mainly meant for playing away from home against better or similar teams. Currently I’m Tottenham and about to start my second season. Normally I play 4-1-2-3 but although I’ve won both the EPL and the FA-cup I lost quite a lot of points away from home and I lost quite heavily in the CL to Sevilla.

My setup:
Defense: Full backs (Automatic) Defender (Cover) Defender (Stopper)
Midfield: Deep lying Playmaker (defend), Ball winning midfielder (support), advanced playmaker (attack)
Forwards: Winger (attack), Advanced ST, inside forward (support)

To explain, I play a DLP because both Huddlestone and Sissoko have good passing, AP because Modric and VDV seem to be good at that. Not really sure if these work well together, but I guessed the AP can run onto balls of the DLP. Sometimes I play an anchorman, but that seems a waste of the passing ability of both players. VDV and Modric don’t seem to do well as CM attacking.

So what is a good combination of midfielders?

I play one winger because of Bale and he’s very good at that. Like to play with wingers cause I have some decent ones who also seem to perform as inside forwards (expect Bale): Lennon, Afellay, Gebhart, Kadlec.

Anyway any tips on a better strategy away from home would be appreciated.
I would appresiate any tips on how to beat the big teams away from home as well. I try the usual pressing and hard tackling and dropping the philosophy and starting strategy but I still seem to lose and get outplayed.

I know how!
When you are playing at home and away it is very big difference,because for example when you are playing 4-4-2 at home the players will have more roaming,more fluid and wingers will hug in the touchline otherwise at away wingers will have more defensive dities.
Of course,
when you are playing at home your team will play more offensive otherwise at away.
So my conclusion is,
to play harder and press more at home,and away play more defensive because it is better to grab 1 point form game than to lose!
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