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Mar 17, 2013
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i have found an awesome tactic that seems to work incredibly well. im wigan in my second season and im 2nd in league and finished my first season in sixth. First season had few hitches but that was due to player quality now with better players i bought to work to tactic i seem unstoppable.

cb cb​
wbl wbr
cm cm
st st st

both cb (needs good heading and tackling) all as defensive.
both wb as support (good all round wb work well)
the dm as a anchor man
left cm as deep laying playmaker support (someone like a xavi style) and the right deep laying play maker defensive (good strong midfielder works well like a fellani stlye)
left and right strikers as defensive forwards (best defensive forward i have found is Johnathan Walters from stoke) and the central strikers as a poacher (good finisher).

in team tactics bit balanced play and standard (not fluid or defensive)
short passing, man marking, less creative freedom, default on all rest
play narrow
no counter
no offside play

works well against all teams big and small as said before first season went well now with better players second going better ill keep you updated to let you know how goes.
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