Jan 8, 2010
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Hi guy's this is my tactic it's a 442 but with a difference i use a target man and a poacher up front a flat back 4 with 2 attacking full backs 2 centre mids but 1 is dropped deeper as defensive mid nothing special but it has been so effective both good going forward and solid at the back.
I have used this tactic with both liverpool and fulham and had great success with it.
Here are some things you should know.

I play 2 wide player as inside forwards
(1) centre mid who is advanced playmaker he is the key player
(1) Defensive mid who is the destroyer of the team
The 2 full backs need pace stamina and natural fitness as they do alot of work
The 2 up front work well together just target man and poacher

It has a slow tempo and is narrow with passing through the middle so you need to use small pitch size.

Team talks i leave to assistant manager and same for o'i

The team preparations are set to team blend untill they gell and then set to att movement but set workload to very high at pre season with team blend and when you change 2 att movement put it on high.

Im sorry guy's i don't know how to upload screen shots or i would but please enjoy and let me know how you get on im still tweaking as i go so i will update as i go.

Just a wee note on some players to buy.

As the target man you need to get someone who is strong and really good in the air im not going to tell you guy's who to buy but i would get at least 2 good fullbacks and a good playmaker as they are really what makes this work.

Iv added some screenshots from my liverpool team hope this helps.

I forgot to mention that if u find yourself struggling witch dosent happen often but if you do change your mentality to att or overload and use shout retain possesion.
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As i said i dont know how to put up any screen shots they would be there if i knew how.
alt f9 mate but create a screenshot folder in sports interactive
Looks like a very good balance between defence and attack, I've been struggling with that on FM11 so far.
As i said at the top of the thread you use the smallest pitch size.
iv just finished my 4th season with this tactic and won everything im now going to look for a new job at a smaller club and make them amazing.
Have you got any suggestions for some free or loan players for the main roles for my port vale side.