Sep 14, 2010
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Ayr - Bringing glory back to Ayrshire...


Ayr, Scottland

On June 28th, 2010, Ayr United F.C. Chairman Lachlan Cameron announced the firing of Brian Reid and staff. Taking his place will be former semi-pro, Adonis Pimp. The fact the Reid and staff were let go is not surprising, however, the tming is. Many had figured the staff was safe despite being relegated to the second divison of Scottish football after losing to Morton on the final day of 2009/10 season.


Ayr Chairman Lachlan Cameron

Mr Cameron has long seen by local supporters as one for surprises. In 2009, he put the club up for sale stating he simply couldnt move the team forward or help in their quest for a new stadium on his own finances. Since then, no more word on the matter has come from Cameron as many have reasoned it as a scare tactic to drum up more fans and support.

Many fans will find the firing of Reid and staff to be long overdue after being relegated to start their second century in Ayr. The firings will also be a hit on the chin financialy to the tune of 82K in termination fees. As Cameron has never been one to divulge much, we probably will not get an explanation. What is clear, is that Adonis Pimp will be the new manager of The Honest Men and will need to form a new staff and prepare his team be or their frst friendly at Annan Athletic on July 6th. Pimp will then be expected to challenge and win promotion to close out the century year for Ayr.