Aug 20, 2011
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So, is there any1 out there who has managed a B barca B or castilla or villareal B....what happens if u r top of the division at the end of the season..obviously u dont get promoted ..but whats next ?? how enjoyable is the save ?/ anyone out there who is willing to share their experience . ?
I dont believe you can get promoted in that circumstance. You'll just stay in that division the next year, I don't really think those teams are meant to be played. There's usually an editor rule in place that B/reserve teams cannot play in the same division as their parent teams.
As both of you said, you can't get promoted unless the club you are a B-team to get relegated (Similarly, if the 1st team get relegated, if the B team didn't win promotion then they will also be relegated another division (Like Villareal in real life!))

You simply stay in the division, and although it is a tough challenge (As all your good players will be taken into the 1st team squad) it is also very boring, as you cannot really achieve that much...
Playing with B teams is kind of... well challenging, but annoyingly stupid.

In one save I started unemployed, got offered to manage Espanyol B. Everything went really well in the first season, we were favourites to drop, but I manage to finish 5th.
The manager of the 1st team was a douchebag and wouldn't let me sign average players to fill in the squad as i only have around 15 players and ALL the good players I had were taken to play into the 1st team, which was a shame.

You are basically managing a team in which you don't really have much control of anything, pretty much just tactics.

2nd season I got sacked halfway through the season while at 17th place with a crappy 15 squad Espanyol B team. Good luck to the next manager in line (He got sacked pretty quickly...)

Anyways, I got sacked, then I managed CD Ourense, which was better.