Feb 6, 2013
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Hey everyone.

I'm thinking about managing in Spain. However, I'm concerned that the B teams in FM are more of a negative than a positive. I've read & found that they barely develop players compared to the main team, sell players without your permission, and don't use the same facilities as the main team.

My idea is to create 2 playable managers. 1 for the main team (i.e Barca) and 1 for the B team (i.e Barca B) and using the editor to bring the B teams facilities on-par.

Is this the best way of getting the most out of B teams?

Can anyone recommend anything else?

If you are going to use the editor, check in there for something to make the B team not independent, like the B teams in Portugal
Also, make them use the same facilities as the A team use
In Staff Responsibilities you can take control of all transfers and negotiations to do with the B team can't you?
I don't manage in Spain as it is boring! But I have had a long term save with Porto, who have a B team in the second division... I have often developed players who are aged 20 and 21 in this team before they are ready for the first team or are sold... This has worked out well for me with many making the cut and making me a profit of 118 million from transfers alone in 4 and a half years.