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Jun 23, 2010
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B Teams are a big problem in FM2011, because the game makes the almost independent from there Parent team, and is not like that in reality. Anyways I found ways of getting around it!

I used to get my good youngsters to Real Madrid Castilla but if they have high salaries (and often they do if there good) they put a hole in the economy of the team (I actually went bankrupt and couldn't sign any trainers). The only way you can get around this without having to use an Editor is to use this tricks.

a)When you negociate with a player you plan to play on your B Team, If you can spare the money, give him a good signing bonus with a "good promise tag" insted of a high salary.

b) You can actually sell players you buy with your B team. You can sell players bough by the Parent Team, but the wont do any good to your economy. So a good strategy is having 3 or 4 guys that you buy with your B team for less then 1,000,000 euros with the potential to be good in a year or two (but not great). I often sold the for triple or four time the value I bough them for. For this you can use the scout on your parent team.

c) Get players on loan from other teams without paying a fee.

d)Just send 4 or 5 guys you want to develop from your A team and be sure there the best prospects or the wont do you any good.

e) Hire a couple of old players to help you with experience in the team, because you need to win games to keep morale up, essential for players to develop fast.

f)Find the best coaches available for the less money cause you'll need it for player development.

g)Finally, make a manager of your own to manage the team even if you send him on vacation all the time (normally I play a few games at the beginning of the season to see the players and to make sure the team wins). That's the only way your going to be able to hire staff, train and sell players when you want to.

It's a hard job, but it pays off, even if the team can't be promoted.

And another advice, if you have great players get then first team playing time once there more than 19 or send then on loans to big clubs with the oportunity to get playing time, or you have his progress stop.