Ba close to agreeing Stoke move

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Aug 23, 2006
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Hoffenheim striker Demba Ba agrees personal terms with Stoke and is having a medical, reports BBC Radio Stoke.

He is amazin on FM but not sure how he is in RL any idea guys?
hes a bit of a donkey in real life misses a few good chances
Great signing for Stoke (no I am not basing my opinion from FM). Tall, quick, very physical, he's like a stocky Kenwyne Jones, perfect for Stoke. Think his goals to game ratio was around 1 in 3 for Hoffenheim which is pretty good, if he fits in he could be one of Stoke's key players.
Only know him from FM.

But his stats clearly acknowledge he's pretty good. So I'd imagine he'd be a good buy for Stoke.
He was pretty good on Fm2010... Not sure about how he is IRL
heard a lot of good things about him from people in Germany, only seen highlights of him IRL, so cant say to much about him, but from the people i have asked, this is a steal at 6 million for Stoke and a very good player.