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BABEBALL 4213 Delicious tweak

As I promised here is time wasting tactic that can be used imediate after 2 goals lead or one goal led in last 15 min
From high defensive line to low with low block make it very hard to make any chance for oposition,and you will still have oportunity to score more goals as you can see on the image in game against Sevilla away!
We are on fire !!!

Football Manager 2023 8.4.2023. 11_43_57.png

First game, it's very promising !


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Regarding the TIME WASTE tactic I have changed some things
This is the new version


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Cl match with 10 man against strong Newcastle side :D
In case of the red card just take of AMC and put central striker on PF support duty

Football Manager 2023 9.4.2023. 20_53_27.png
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