Back to the top flight with AFC Wimbledon!


Feb 9, 2012
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As a young boy i used to watch Wimbledon contend for the top league but when they disbanded i was distraught. All of my friends moved onto Mk Dons but he didnt want to and started to watch a non league team called AFC Wimbledon. They were not a very strong side but it had a few of the players from the original Wimbledon. I grew up watching this AFC Wimbledon and loved every game and all the players passion was to play in the premier league. At the age of 21 i thought that i needed a job as i lacked qualifications and wanted to go into sport but i wasn't great at football. A new game came out and i loved it and it was called 'Football Manager'. I played on this all the time and got one every year however i knew i needed a job so i started managing various boy teams around the area which i led to success. As i became the 'Mourinho' of semi pro football in London. As i went to watch AFC Wimbledon get into league 2 the manager came across and spoke to me. He told me that he had to step down due to medical problems and wanted me The Mourinho of Semi pro to take over and make the manager proud and fulfil his dreams. I was shocked however i couldn't say no as i took it and got ready for pre season. He told me that he wanted to be in the premier league and see his club challenging for the premiership and also he wanted his average age of the team at 25 in the premier league. I simply replied i will see what i can do. So now i prepare for the Pre-Season and hoping to beat bitter rivals Mk Dons one day
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AFC Wimbledon Hire Unknown Stipetic

Stipetic has come to Wimbledon to achieve the clubs dreams which are to be in the top flight again and with not a lot of cash it will be a challenge!


The board expect me to be mid-finish and i believe i can succeed that objective with a small 20k budget

The Tactics

Interesting tactic! I'll be following, hopefully you will do well. Good luck
Pretty similar tactic to one of mine, it works well. I just knocked Rochdale out of the fa cup 1st round with Halifax :)
The Pre Season
Boreham Wood 0-2 AFC Wimbledon
Sainte-Luce 58, 60
Decent win but still a lot needed to win the league and a fantastic performance from Sainte-Luce.

AFC Wimbledon 3-2 Aldershot
Luke Moore 12 Danny Rose 18
Vincent Pericard 60 Lloyd Hinshelwood 22
Harry Pell 90
Overall not the strongest performance however a win is a win and i got too have a look at the new signings Pericard and Atiku.

AFC Wimbledon 2-2 Doncaster
Andy Frampton 8 Tom Eaves 19
Luke Moore 36 Billy Paynter 76
This was a good result as these are one league above us and we fought hard and well and deserved the draw

AFC Wimbledon 1-3 Swansea City
V.Pericard 79 M.Petric 10, 56
P.Hernandez 46
This was a very hard game as we came up against a premier league side however our performance was fantastic just lacked the skill of players
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hey bud, welcome :)

1) good luck with the save and story
2) the OP is not very gripping to be perfectly honest
3) the layout is very messy and all over the place

I suggest looking at other people's stories and take some pointers from them and edit your first few posts relating to the story

August 2012
My transfers so far are very limited however they could surprise a few faces as these players are eager and ready to succeed my ambitions and Erik Samuelson the ex manager but now Chairman.
Also i don't really want to sell anyone because Erik before he stepped down from the job said that we had the team to win the league so i trusted his word but bought a few players to help me achieve that and more players could be coming in the future.View attachment 370957

Capital One Cup 1st Round
AFC Wimbledon 1-2 Swindon Town
S.Moore 68 J.Collins 84
P.Benson 87
Very Gutted with this game as we played very good but just did not play for the full 90 minutes and dropped of and conceded two sloppy goals to knock us out the capital one cup however we did take some positives as we passed the ball well and won a lot of possession.

Npower League 2
Northampton 2-2 AFC Wimbledon
I.Demontagnac 9 S.Parkin 57
C.Platt 68 A.Frampton 87
Not a bad first game in the league however once again we didn't play the 90 minutes as we started very sloppy conceding in the first 10 minutes but luckily grinded the point out of a tough aggresive game with a great goal from Frampton
Npower League 2
AFC Wimbledon 4-2 Torquay
L.Moore 45 R Howe 73 90
S.Parkin 49 86
I.Atiku 75
A great improvement from the last game as we looked very good going forward. Also Parkin added 2 more into his Wimbledon account and could be contending for the leagues top scorer however we also conceded sloppy goals again which we need to look at.
Npower League 2
Newport County 3-0 AFC Wimbledon
C.Jolley 42
M.Flynn 82
A.Chapman 87
This is a wake up call for the lads as we went into the game favourites and got battered from kick off. We were constantly giving away possession and always second to the ball. Also this is a wake up call to me as i believe that we need a change of formation so i am going for this new tactic!
New Tactic
View attachment 370981
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Played 3 out of the 4 games grabbing a goal and three assists with a average rating of 7.03​
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