Feb 2, 2010
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Tips to any new players imo backroom advice is useless and here are the 3 reasons, when praisng a player it tells you to praise 50% of the time there morale goes down and they do not agree with you 2: when it advises you to tutor a player and in my opinion the one stat i look for most in a youngster is determination if they are being tutored by an older player with bad determination it will fly down ( really making me want to start a new game) 3: the staff it recommends are not the best avialable
They're not going to just walk you through the game it's advice for a reason, it's for newer players.
It may not be perfect advice but generally it's the best based on your team and the players you have. Praising players and the tutoring you should be doing on your own anyway usually so you can tend to ignore those.
The staff it recommends are usually fairly decent too, the game isn't going to just give you the worlds greatest backroom staff from nothing.
Formation advice is based on the player report from your team, obviously if you plan on retraining people or using your own formation you can completely ignore it because it's there for newer players.
Contract offers from the backroom again isn't something to just ignore, players will get unhappy and that's usually your earliest warning that it's about to happen. The PPM training again is advice based on the position they play so it's usually worth taking note of.

You're confusing advice with the game giving you everything on a plate.
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everything in the backroom advice imo i will ignore from now on in...the contracts when the player wants one his agent aproaches you and i tell him to prove it to me on the pitch which puts his morale to superb and eventually i give him one
Plus it depends on your staff, the better they are the better advise they will give...
They sometimes tell me to offer improved contracts to players I recently offered a contract to 2 months prior. As the above said, it's just advice to help out players.