Nov 16, 2008
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Just wondering how many people actually take any notice of backroom staff advice?

For e.g Training focuses, contract negotiations etc.

Tried looking for a similar thread but wasn't sure where to look really.
I usually pay attention to training focus. I use it heavily to praise/criticize my players.
I almost always ignore the player contracts part.
Always ignore player contract advice as it won't take long before they tell you to give them another new contract. If your players actually want a new contract, their agent will ask to hold a meeting, but this doesn't happen as often as your staff want you to believe.

Training focus is important as they have good things to say about youth players specific focuses that you might overlook but want to improve, and also players workload issues should always be addressed.

Scouting players and checking out staff never hurts. I was recommended to sign some coach I'd never heard of, 32 year old who'd just retired from playing football in league 2, and most of his coaching stats were amazing. I'm keeping an eye on him for when I can buy more coaches.
I always scout the players my coaches recommend. I almost never follow any of the other advice, especially PPMs and training focus.

As an experiment I followed the training advice for some youth players who were never going to make it to the first team. The players did not get better, but I manage a Blue Square Bet Premiere team, so who knows?
Oh yeah I forgot to mention PPMs, you have to only consider these if your tactics demand it, not because your staff mention it. I've made players unlearn PPMs, only to be recommended by the same coach to learn it again....
Just wanted to see what others do as i tend to always just remove the advice.

A very common one for me is when they say my defensive midfielder or my ballplaying defender should improve his long range shooting! No thanks!

Also constant contract advice when the players have only just recently signed one is annoying.