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I'm managing Liverpool and coming to the end of the 3rd season. We're looking good for the league title (again) and in the SF of the European Cup/Champions League/Whatever it's called.

During the recent winter transfer window I replaced Reina with ter Stegen (there was a bit of an incident with an alternative player that I documented on here) and I'm looking at recruitment for next season. The area of concern is a backup/2nd choice 'keeper. I currently have Timo Hildebrand who at 36, is an experienced head who fits in the team, but he's not now good enough to step into ter Stegen's boots for a few games if needed; he's going to be 3rd choice next season. My fourth slot (I usually have 4 'keepers) will be a young, decent player - I have two out on loan right now of which will be sold and the other kept (they're 19 and 22 years old).

So what I need is someone who will happily be a backup 'keeper and is good enough to replace ter Stegen for cup matches, short runs of games if needed. I'm NOT looking for player names (my scouts have been busy and I have a load from my switch earlier in the season), but suggestions around what I should look for - age, attributes (especially mental) and personality types, key strengths. I'd prefer to keep someone in that role for a few seasons now I have a long term starter so anyone who wants playing time or moans about their contract is out of the question. Squad harmony is very important.

What do other people do with this tricky position?
Not open for further replies.