Jun 5, 2012
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Hi lads,so I started a save with dutch giants Ajax with the whole point being keeping the philosophy of not spending big,bringing through world class youth players,and either selling them for big or challenging in Europe.But I've been left disappointed.I have an extensive youth recruitment,yet I've only had 2 players that are rated 3 and a half stars,all the rest are below.Why is this.Every other long term save I've done the Ajax academy has been filled with 16 and 17 year olds who are going to be truly world class.I honestly don't know what more I can do?Is it just random every season? Thanks for your time
Sometimes it just comes to bad luck with regens for a season or two then for three season u find nothing but gems I've seen league 2 teams have great regens and I've seen big teams with nothing but **** its all up to luck trust me you WILL get good regens with Ajax just give it time
This years youth intake was a truly ****** one in my game. All the major nations had nothing but poor regens, whereas the previous seasons I could find wonderkids almost everywhere. Not sure if it's random or not, but stay patient and you might get the new Messi next year.
How many seasons are you in?

Ajax starts with 16 (!) players with a PA of -8 or -9, 13 of which are aged 19 or younger and 7 of them are only 16 or 17. That should keep your youth development team busy for a while :).

Add onto that a further 8 players (7 are aged 23 or younger) with a PA of 150 or above. So long as you aren't 20 seasons in you should have a decent stream of young players for several seasons right from the get go.

Make sure you have a decent scouting network up and running as well. Decent young players can always be found and signed cheaply with just some compensation to pay to their clubs (think Neal Maupay at the start of the game aged 15).
Thanks for the response lads,appreciate it