Dec 22, 2011
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Hello everybody!
So I started a game with Liverpool last week. I'm now in March but I changed my tactic recently as I wanted some changes in the way my team play. The problem is that I don't score enough. (Not enough CCC)
I have around 60% possesion in every game but my last results are:
win 3-2 against Reading, thanks to a 90's minute goal. Reading is 20th.
draw 1-1 against Olympique de Marseille
draw 1-1 against Swansea
win 2-1 against West Brom
win in penalty shoot out to Arsenal in Capital One Cup.

I forgot to say that I'm actually 1st in the league due to my past results but only 2 points ahead of Chelsea and City, and 3 of Tottenham and Arsenal..

There are the screenshots of team instruction, players instruction and detailed analysis of last game againt Marseille:
View attachment 348802View attachment 348804View attachment 348807View attachment 348809View attachment 348810View attachment 348812View attachment 348814View attachment 348816View attachment 348817View attachment 348818View attachment 348819View attachment 348820View attachment 348821View attachment 348822View attachment 348823View attachment 348824View attachment 348825View attachment 348826View attachment 348828View attachment 348830

E.Torres was a back up for Borini but Borini got injured and Torres scored 8 goals in 6 games so I let him on the starting XI. My top scorer are:
Suarez : 24
Gerrard: 22
J.Viera: 14
Borini: 14
Torres: 10
Coutinho: 9.
But none of them seems to scores now..

If you need more info, I'll be here! Thanks for reading and helping!
Looking at the team insructions only, I would say that you try to rush the attacks.

- Quick tempo ( getting the ball into a more advanced position quickly)
- Low time wasting (= Decision urgency, forcing the players to make a decision really, really quick)

Why not use s slightly lower tempo ( reduce it with between 15 %) and a higher time wasting, a few notches up and see if there is a dfference. The thing is, as you are top of the league and teams respect that, they will sit with more men behind the ball and here, these rushed attacks will only see them outnumber you.

Also remember that it will take a while for the players to get used to this new approach
Thanks, I will test that and see how it goes. Other advices are welcomed!
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Sorry but I don't want to win with a downloaded tactic.. And I Want to play a 4231. So the season end and I finished 2nd with a lot of luck.. I only won the Capital One Cup, I was defeated in every other Cup, including a defeat 5-2 ag against Sporting Portugal in Europa league..
Problems are:
- I don't score enough.. My players seems unable to put that f****** ball in the net. And I don't have more than 2 CCC/games, often 1.
- My defenders make a looooot of mistakes. And Reina doesn't make the right decision, so I'll sell him and I have already make an offer for Ter Stegen.
Reina has stupidly low distribution stats if I remember rightly on FM.... Which is ridiculous, because his distribution is excellent in RL (particularly his throwing).

Anyway, as to your issues:

Lucas is your main man for building attacks, try setting him to cut inside, because that way less of the play is built from the right (the side of the midfield he is on) and you get a more even spread. The other option is to make him more central.
I'd lower the tempo, but widen the play. I'm not surprised you're only getting a few CCC, with the 2 IF cutting in, Suarez and Gerrard doing essentially the same job (sort this out too) and the man up top, there is no room for anyone. You probably block more of your own shots than the opposition does. So widen the play, set the full-backs to hug the touchline if you have to, try setting the to hold up ball too, this draws the opposition out, creating space.