Balance and Projected Balance in red?


Jun 5, 2012
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Hi lads,i'm in 2015 with my Southampton team,i've spent around 85million this year on transfers,and received 27million,my current balance is 30mil,projected is 26,they're both in red,i'm in February and i'm aiming for Europa league qualification which will hopefully keep my financial status healthy,but why has my balance got like this is it too much spending?,i've been using 48months mostly,so I don't know why it's like this.How can I make it better? Cheeerrss:)
48 month options are usually the cause of teams going into the red, from my experience. How many players have you bought on 48 months options, and how much are you paying monthly in total?
Currenly paying 6m a month in wages,because Rossi,Lamela etc are on 100k a week,i would say around 6 or 7 players I bought with 48 month installments
These installments, and the wages, are the main reasons why your losing money. By using 48 month installments on 6-7 players you are losing a good amount of money every month as opposed to using a standard fee where you would only lose the money for a single month so these do more harm than good in the long run. To get around this I'd suggest getting the wages down by maybe selling the high earners or by simply winning and qualifying for the bigger competitions.
Thanks a lot Louis,i decided to sell Rossi,my highest earner on 100k,(he was incredibly inconsistent),and I've just finished 5th and qualified for Europa,so hopefully that will keep the club healthy:),I will try to spend my money when I sign the player,thanks for your time