balance between regens and retirees


Jan 20, 2010
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I didn't find my question anywhere else so here goes.
Does anyone know if there is a balance between the amount of regens that are created each year and the amount of players who retire in the same year?
I guess in theory there should be a balance because i suppose your player database should remain the same, because a change would cause a difference in the gamespeed. But that would also mean that the amount of regens is different every year because the amount of players who retire is different every year...
It'd fluctuate I guess, but I've never really thought about that...
You have too remember that all of your youth team intake yearly are "regens" so I doubt there is any kind of balance especially with several leagues selected. And at certain dates throughout the year depending on witch nation it is, Regens will appear as first team players for high rep teams (and low i guess). I tend to find the Polish and Finnish regens are the best. - going on scout reports.

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Were can i fidn out in what time of year they add teh regens?
Your game database increases as more regens are loaded than players who retire.for instancei am using a customer database with 16000 players and every season it grown by 600-700 players, sometimes less, sometimes more.Scouting the world and having a very extensive network of scouting increases the amount of players too