Bald Sir Alex

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Head Devils

Cristiano Ronaldo has come up with another wacky goals bet for his boss Alex Ferguson. Manchester United's Portuguese winger will tell him: I'll shave my hair off if I don't score 20 Premier League goals – you shave your hair off if I do.
Ronaldo, 22, hatched the hair-brained plan as they continue their annual wager. Last season he won a £400 bet with boss Fergie when he netted 17 times, beating his 15-goal target.
Gordon Smart (The Sun)

That was taken from what do you think of that? It would be so funny if he did score 20 league goals. Do ou think when he gets to 19 Sir Alex will not play him. this will be very interesting. thinks Cristiano has been watching too much Wrestlemania ;)
lol whats next are they going to blow him up in a limo