Nov 5, 2009
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Hello, i just got bale for my MAN.utd square i am currently in third season im wondering who should take my free kicks?
Paulo Henrique
Heskey? rofl
like i ever wanted to buy that guy for united
Well it depends what position, I'd always go for the ball bending towards the goal, purely your preference.
Use Bale as the main FK taker on the right side and put Nani and Paulo Henrique as backup.
Use Nani or Paulo Henrique as the main FK taker on the left side and put Bale as backup.
Well I'm not sure what their stats are in your save, but obviously the higher the freekick stat the better. Also you might want to have a right footed player take fks from the left, although as the setting is only valid for direct free kicks as I'm aware, it's little difference.

Guess you can also not set freekick takers, and the computer will decide for you :D
Thanks zaffarano.
Cheers for the suggestions guys :)
I would not use Nani as he has hardly ever scored one for me (dont think he has) i would let Bale take them if I was you
Bale definitely! He's scored 7 goals for me this season, all from direct free kicks.
Look for the stats:

FK taking (most important)
and possibly flair (least important)

I would use Bale if I were you.
First : whoever have better decision and anticipation stats.
Second: Left-footed FK taker should take FK from left side and right... ( well, you get it).
Third: FK attribute
See if any of them have the "hits freekicks with power" trait. van Persie scored eleven free kicks in all competitions for me (2011/12)
I've seen that a lot of guys are suggesting that mental traits are important, but I'll have to disagree.
Maybe they aren't completely irrelevant, but I'm sure they would only come in play if you have two players with the same free kick stat.

This is my belief as you select DIRECT free kick takers. I doubt it has anything to do with decision making as the goal is pretty apparent - either aim at the corner or blast it full power.