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Balkan players in fm-base 800m Challenge


Nov 24, 2013
Hello everyone,
If anyone would like to join me in this "quest" i would be glad to read and post my results and so on.
So the file is http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2015-transfer-updates-custom-leagues/184009-football-manager-base-£800-000-000-challenge.html from this page all credits for this file go to will1981 and you can download file from the link.
So the challenge is to buy players only from balkan states and try to win pretty much everything.
In my save i decided to buy players only from [Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro]
Sorry for any grammar mistakes as english is not my 1st language.
I will post my results, players that i bought in comments.