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Oct 14, 2022
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Hello everyone, I decided to rewrite my career. But since I'm already in the sixth season, I don't want to end the save, but they'll just start hanging clips. I hope you'll like it. This is just a small introduction, expect much more. It is inconvenient to fit 6 seasons into one clip. but here's a little bit of yours I'll import into my save. I hope you'll like it. Leave comments how you feel. And should I continue recording and writing.

Hey guys, I’m back with another update on my Football Manager career. As you may remember,

First of all, we played in the FIFA Club World Cup at the end of last season, and we finished third. We beat Real Madrid in the third place match, after losing to Bayern Munich in the semi-finals. We also beat Tottenham on penalties in the quarter-finals, It was a tough tournament, but I’m proud of my team for achieving this result.

Secondly, we won both the English Community Shield and the UEFA Super Cup at the start of this season

Thirdly, we have played seven games in the Premier League so far, and we are in fourth place. We still have a lot of games to play, and I’m confident that we can catch up with them.

Fourthly, we have made some transfers in the summer window. We bought some young players and gave them a chance. Sandro Stojanov was on loan to us last year and we kept him. He cost only 2.5 million. He plays as a striker or a winger. He is a team player, waits for his chance, trains hard. Giancarlo Cellini arrived from Genk for 23.5 million. He plays as a goalkeeper. He is currently in the youth team but will get his chance soon. I think he is the new Iker Casillas.

We also bought Raphael Russo, a young Brazilian who has already secured a place in the first team. He plays as an attacking midfielder or a winger. He plays fantastic. It’s just up to him to keep working hard. He plays terribly with his left foot

We sold Jorge Muriel He arrived for 1.5 million and spent two years on loan. He plays fantastically. He has a brilliant career ahead of him for sure. But we just didn’t need a player in the position he plays.

We also have some surprises in store for you regarding the future transfers. André arrives from Brazil already in January. The transfer is worth 18 million. He plays as a central midfielder or a defensive midfielder. Stepan Demchenko, also a midfielder, will also arrive in January from Shakhtar Donetsk for 15 million.

Finally, I want to talk about Brazil. We beat Paraguay 8-0 breaking the record for the biggest win history. We also beat Argentina 5-4, securing our place at the next World Cup.

That’s all for now, guys. I hope you enjoyed this update and stay tuned for more news on my Football Manager career.

Good day and welcome to the new video clip. Another season is going on. From the club that won the Champions League twice. From coach of the year, to one of the most hated people in the club. What happened that the bad results started, that the players don't support me, that the management wants to fire me. Find out what happened in today's clip. Let's see how things stand now. We are in 8th place in the Premier League. We will try to enter the Champions League, will we succeed? We'll see. Marchos Leonardo is one of our best players this season as well. Although he wanted to leave the club, I promised him that we would win the Premier League next season. And he stayed. The young Serbian Schlooser is also playing fantastically this season. Liverpool want him, but they are below us in the table and I hope we will be able to keep him. Things are not going right in the Champions League. In the first game against Napoli, we lost 4-1 We won the Super Cup, but we talked about that in the last clip. In the Carabao Cup playing Tottenham and hopefully win. Tottenham is led by Spaletti, they play fantastic football, maybe even more beautiful than that of last season when Zidane led them. Zidane has left the club and is currently managing Real Madrid. Somehow Real and Zidane go together. Here's a look at the results of this season. Even at the beginning of the season, the players came with great ambitions. But they didn't play good games. We lost a lot of games where we should have won. We see that I'm not really loved in the club anymore. Many players wanted new contracts. They asked for big salaries. The club was my first priority, I thought they were asking a lot. I didn't give them new contracts, they played badly. And so they hurt me and themselves. In agreement with the club's management, we gave new contracts, sold some players, and progress is currently visible. As you can see, at the end of the season, Josip Šutalo leaves and Moleira, who found happiness in the English midfielder, leaves. Sandro Stojanov arrived at the club, who had once had a chance- The young Brazilian Andre arrived on January 1. will become a good player, he just needs to work hard. Josip Šutalo came to us from Dinamo Zagreb when I took over the helm of this club. He played fantastic, and a fantastic offer came that I couldn't refuse Molerano was unhappy with his current status and decided to continue his career in the English second division. Rafael Russo is playing fantastically, and we are definitely secured on the left side for next season. At the end of the season, Martin Urban and Uroš Jakšić arrive. We hope for better results at the end of the season. In the summer, the World Championship awaits us. Expect a report in the next clip.

new episode in my career in Football Manager. I’m slowly learning to edit video and I hope you’ll like the new way.

In this episode you will see how I started a new season with Southampton 2030/2031, but before that you will also see how I did at the World Cup that took place in Spain in 2030. I led the Brazil national team that finished third. Could we do better? What do you think?

You will also see what my team looks like at the beginning of the season, what transfers I made, what tactics I use and what my results are. I have a big problem with Leonardo, my captain and best player. He is 27 years old and we promised him winning the Premier League. If we don’t succeed, he will surely want to leave the club and disappoint the other players. But if we sell him, we can also cause dissatisfaction in the team because he is our leader. What do you think I should do with him? Write to me in the comments.

As for tactics, we have three options that we use depending on the opponent and situation on the field. The first one we play is a 3-1-4-2 tactic from FM Scout downloaded hoping it will do well. The second tactic we use is a tactic from FM Base by a man who never makes a mistake when making a tactic and that is 3-4-3. The third tactic is from FM Scout 4-1-3-2 by a man who showed results with Dinamo Zagreb but he is the strongest club in Croatia we’ll see how it will do with Southampton.

At the end you will also see what the club vision is and what our finances are. The club asks a lot from us, they want us to win the UEFA Europa League and qualify for the Champions League. We have a large budget for transfers and wages, but also a lot of competition in the league.

Here's a new episode. Last season we managed to win the UEFA European League. We finished in 3rd place. We sold Lavia because he tried to rebel against the other players. Marchos Leonardo told us that he does not plan to extend his contract with us, an offer came from Bayern that we could not refuse. I think this is a very impressive episode, look at the young players I bought. I hope you enjoy it.

After playing 10 seasons I decided it was enough for this save. This will be the last clip about Southampton. I'm starting a longer save soon. In which I will devote myself to recording clips. Look at everything I've done in ten years and now. And leave your comment.