Jul 15, 2012
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I was/am playing FM ever since 2007, played every annual release of it, so I consider myself for an experienced player.
FM 13 is great, the best release for sure by now, it exceeds the last sequel, FM 12 in many aspects of the game, corrected more bugs and flaws of it, added many new features I must praise it, no doubt.
However, there is one single thing, a feature, or should I call it an element, which looks a bit unrealistic to me, and it is "a change to worse" comparing to the previous game releases.
In FM 12, and in former FM games as well, the distance for how long the ball was rolling over the pitch was mostly depending on weather conditions, and of course the type and strength of the shot.
I have no doubt, that weather conditions make significant influence in FM 13 as well, but somehow I fail to see/experience it.
The problem is, that by longer, stronger passes, but mostly even by moderate length/strength ones, ball keeps rolling for too long, as it will never stop, totally irrespectively of the various weather conditions. In most cases it rolls off the pitch, without any intention to stop, and almost never stops INSIDE it, as it used to do in former FM games. This way long, mostly wing passes are almost impossible and useless, since the ball keeps leaving the pitch by each try.
I don't know if the developers meant this way, or this is a game flaw, but it is surely annoying sometimes, after all, at least in some weather conditions, like muddy pitch for example, ball should roll much slower and stop much sooner/earlier, actually almost instantly. Still, I never experienced this to happen in FM 13 by now. As I said, its extremely rare when a longer/stronger passed ball stays inside the pitch, providing a chance for fast paced players to "run for it", create a perfect chance, or a goal assist even. Players just keep trying to chase those long balls, running after them, without any chance of ever actually catching the ball before it leaves the pitch.
Strangely they still keep trying, almost always, even when its more than obvious that not even a race-car would be able to reach the ball on time......
Again, I wonder how realistic this game element is, and if it was really meant to work this way......

True, I always select to manage the weakest possible teams from lowest divisions, (in order to increase the game difficulty and the challenge), and normally I mostly play against very weak teams as well, so if this game element is working fine in matches of stronger, or strong teams, I apologize, the answer to my problem is obvious then.
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And another, much more simple question:
By mistake, I choose a wrong secondary nationality, (must have been a misclick, and I missed to double-check it), and I noticed this only a few (game time) months later. Instead of serbian somehow I set seychelles.
Is there any way to change my secondary nationality without totally restarting the game, right from the scratches?
And is it worth it?
I mean, what influence does 2nd nationality have in the game anyway, besides manager knowledge base and national team informations? (which I am btw in this case interested in, since I was living for a longer time in Serbia, so I care for their national team's career and fate)
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Nationality would affect what languages you speak. Players of your nationality are also more likely to sign for you. I don't think there is a way to change it once you start playing, however you can always add a new manager at any given time during your save of whatever nationality you want.
I know that, but I like to concentrate on a single manager and a single team, concentrating on more would make me lose the "grip".
Just like in real life, only one thing at a time, which I always use/spend my full concentration to.
Thanks for your reply anyway!
If you are not too attached to your current manager because the nationality was messed up you could always retire him and add a new one with the same name and the correct nationality.
Yeah people, it's nice of you to actually care and give me hints/advices for my secondary problem, but I still got none regarding my 1st, original concern......(ball rolls for too long)