Dec 26, 2010
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Hi, im playing with ManCity. 1 season and 25 league games and 5th :( Pretty much ruined season with injuries.. but im bouncing to top 4 soon.

I use Nigel De Jong as my only ball winning midfielder. And he is really useful. He tackles sometimes gets yellow card but never red cards. He is really good and useful and a winning team needs a player like him (a dirty one).

I was wondering, could you give some more examples of players like him because i really need a backup for him. Could you post some names of players like him... good tacklers that wins the ball to the team. I would like them to be pretty young.. under 26 atleast.

Anthony Annan is a beast.


also mohamed diame and mcdonald mariga
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Mbia, Hummels, Diamé,... But since youre Man City, why not by a better ball winning midfielder than De Jong? Someone like Mascherano, arguably the best ball winning midfielder in the game
Probobaly , whats the point of spending like 80mil on Masherano when De Jong is one of the best ones .

And yes, in my opinnion Masherano is the best DM,Ball winning mid.
De Jong is one of the best on the game. Keep him. If you want a backup. Moussa Sissoko is your man.
A cheap one after a season can be Big Sami Khedira. His mental stats are immense. You can buy for around £9M-£17M after 1st season.
there are many kinds of these ball winning midfielders, but if you want a cheap one and with good high stats

i would recommend, phil jones or steven nzonzi of blackburn
I want a really dirty tackler who works extremly hard all the time trying to get the ball. And who is also good at passing the ball.
Not a very slow one, an agile ball winner like de jong... and the price doesn't matter i want a quality one :p

Suggestions and your own experiences, who have worked with you good? Is there a Makelele maybe? :D He was a real beast.
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De Jong is one of the best on the game. Keep him. If you want a backup. Moussa Sissoko is your man.
Moussa is not exactly a ball winning midfielder, he is more attack-oriented imho.
Get Daniele De Rossi for appx £40M or get Necip Uysal from Besiktas. He is 19 years old, bags of potential and versatile player. You can play him as anything you want except Box to Box, + he is a very good assister also. And he is CHEAP!
Angelo Palombo, Alou Diarra, Sulley Muntari, Steven Defour or Owen Hargreaves.
Anthony Annan has to be choice 1.
Lucas was a brilliant ball winning mc in fm10 for me and he seems good in fm11 too
It's a long shot, but if you do well, maybe try and get Fletcher?

Would be a coo' for you if you could get him :]

Another would be Jermaine Jones , sheer muscle in him!
Anthony Annan, Yan M'Villa, Steven N'Zonzi, Fernando Gago, Sami Khedira, Moussa Sissoko.
Thanks guys.. bought annan cuz he was cheap and he is agressive + huge workload :S And he is short and very agile. Might buy in future some of those too if needed. :wub: