Balotelli and Coentrao under-performing?

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Nov 26, 2010
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I'm on 2014 at the moment, and these two just haven't lived up to their expectations. I regularly play Coentrao in a left-back position and these are his statistics overall:

For training I'm using Duncs Medium Workload but his attributes don't seem to be the problem as he's averaging 7.33 rating for his international side also at left-back.

Now for Balotelli, I kind of gave up on him in the first two seasons as he was being a ***** and upsetting the entire squad, so I loan him out every season. However I regret it now because it seems like I have literally destroyed Balotelli... he's now worth $8.25m AU at age 23.. where he should be a wonderkid of some sort?

Is there any chance to somehow 'revive' Balotelli's wonderkid status?
I used to play Coentrao as a winger and he did better job than being a left back. His attributes didn't improved much, so I guess that was it, he had not so much high potential attributes. Based on my experience, statistical records or achievement often is more valuable than merely potential attributes. It would be great to have both on a single player, but if I had to choose, I'd chose statistical records.

I personally wouldn't ever sign Balotelli, coz for me squad harmony is extremely important. My personal philosophy is a team works as a team, no one should feel he's the most important player of a team. Thus, I would never sign players with low teamwork or workrate, nor trouble makers like Balotelli. I guess I'm not that kind of person who would be taking too much efforts 'taming' players like him, it just not worth the energy.
please search for these two players, they have their own threads... :)
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