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Jul 30, 2018
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Hey everyone, so I've been away for a little while and wanted to come back but just haven't had the time. But now I have the time I would like to bring to you my new save.

So i have had a few saves on FM this year and nothing has really stuck with me, so i am going to have over the reigns of ............ Banbury United who play in the National League North but they are based in Oxfordshire which is in the south of England.

Banbury Badge.jpg

So as said they play in the National League North and our aim is to take them from the bottom to the Prem and win the champions League with them.
They play there home games at Spencer Stadium and it holds 6,500 people.

Banbury ground.jpg

So come along on this journey with me and let's see how we get on.
Next post will be seeing the best players of the team and my manager's profile
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So here we go the start of the journey.

Banbury Start.jpg

All the board are expecting is a mid table finish, but after seeing the players we've got and with a few additions there's no reason we cant make Play-Offs perhaps??

Here is my managers profile as you can nothing amazing just the basic of basics, but we will get our badges and become and a better manager as we fly up the leagues (hopefully)
Banbury Manger 22-23.jpg

Let's see who are going to be our key players throughout the season.

1. Josh Smile. Looks solid and someone who can control the ball for us and control the pace of the game for us.
Josh Smile 22-23.jpg

2. Giorgio Rasulo. He is our club captain and as you can see is quality and playing behind the striker will be such a key player for us, and if we are going to keep we are going to have to get promoted as soon as we can.
Giorgio Rasulo 22-23.jpg

3. Callum Reilly, i dont know what to say about this lad he is a step above anything we have and all i can see is we best make the most and enjoy him for the season as can't see him staying beyond this season, even with promotion.
Callum Reilly 23-23.jpg

As you can see we have some very good players in the centre of the park and think that is something we need to make the most of.
The next post will be after the PSF and of the transfers we have made just before we kick off the season, hope your looking forward to it as much as I am, and are ready for this roller-coaster of a journey we are to go on.


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So lets see what transfers we've done, and how we have started in the league.


PSF Friendlies 22-23.jpg

As you can see we had an ok Pre season against teams round our level and below us, with only 1 defeat i felt like we were ready for the start of the season.

Start Of The Season. (August 23)
22-23 start of seaosn tactic.jpg

So this is how we plan to play this season, as the previous post noted our strongest players are in the middle of the park, so i think we need to make the most of that.
VS Curzon Ashton

VS Curzon Ashton 22-23 (RESULT).jpg

So we start our season away against Curzon Ashton and to be honest we were lucky to come away with the win and hope we improve in next few weeks, also we were dealt a massive blow when our starting RB was forced off with an injury in the first 6 mins.
Jak Hickman injury 22-23.jpg

So as you see not a great start so means while we are struggling to get transfers in, i have now got to go out a look for a new RB.
Zehn Mohammed 22-23.jpg

So lets meet our new RB Zehn Mohammed to replace our injured RB, he looks half decent and will slot straight into our starting 11 for the next game.
VS AFC Fylde
AFC Fylde 22-23 (RESULT).jpg

Once again we were lucky to walk away with a draw, but Fylde were one of the favourites to go up from the league, so a draw may not actually be the worse result, but at the moment even though we are only couple of games in some of the better plyers in the team haven't started the season great and need to pick it up to start getting us playing better.
Connor Dixon 22-23.jpg

So as I said i have found it difficult to sign players this summer but i think we have picked up a real good player in Dixon who should add some quality to this team and help us during the season.
VS Boston United
Bostin UTD 22-23 (RESULT).jpg

Once again another lucky win thanks to a double from Landers, even though i'm not over the moon with the way we are playing but we are still picking up points so suppose i can deal with it, just hope the performances start picking up.
Sean O'Brien 22-23.jpg

So we needed to add some numbers to our strike force so welcome Sean O'Brien on loan and reckon if he can add some valuable goals to this team then could turn out to be a good loan signing.
VS Darlington
Darlington 22-23 (RESULT).jpg

Well this was gong to happen, can't keep putting in shocking performances and getting points, nothing went our way we couldnt even play a simple pass just a shocking game.
433 22-23.jpg

So after the shocking start to the season with the performances, i felt like a change was needed, so we are going to go to the 433 holding so then hopefully we can control the ball abit more and hte player in front of the back 4 will gives us that protection, lets hope anyways.
Bailey Akehurst 22-23.jpg

Welcome Bailey Akehurst, our new LB as that is a position i have been trying to fulfil during Pre-Season and everyone just went elsewhere so im finally happy to have got a new LB.
VS Hereford
Hereford 22-23 (RESULT).jpg

The new formation worked wonders we controlled the game from start to finish and Josh Smile scored a wondergoal from 30 yards and Sean O,Brien got his first goal for the club today. Hopefully this is a good sign that things have turned for us.
Paulo Aguas 22-23.jpg

Welcome Paulo Aguas, he is here to add numbers and quality and I'm sure he will make that left side his own in a few weeks.
VS Leamington
Leamington 22-23 (RESULT).jpg

So we ended the month with a comfortable 3-1 win, and good to see how new players have settled quickly and O'Brien scored another couple.
League Table AUG 22.jpg

So in conclusion for our first month which for me was a bit up and down and took us some time to get our transfers in but once we did and changed formation and tactics we started to look a lot better and was controlling games, so hope we can take that into next month and keep pace at the top end of the league

Ben Radcliffe who is on loan from Burton, he was here when i started the save, but he wasn't a starter at the start of the month but when our fortunes changed was when Ben came into the heart of our defence.

Next update will be the September fixtures and if we make anymore transfers.
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So this month we look to carry on where we finished August and keep ourselves in and around the play off picture.

VS Southport
Southport 22-23 (RESULT).jpg

So we started the month with a good solid point against Southport, this is a game where we deserved all 3 points, but we will take the point and go into the next game.

Cameron Antwi 22-23.jpg

So after giving the squad depth, i noticed that the only place we were short was in CM so welcome Cameron Antwi who joins us on loan as no more than to add to our depth but could still play a big part in the season for us.

VS Kettering
Kettering 22-23 (RESULT).jpg

To be fair easiest 3 points of the season so far, lads turned up played well, Kettering couldn't get near us and we walk away with the 3 points.

VS Peterborough Sports
Peterborough Sports 22-23 (RESULT).jpg

So we left it very late to win this game, when it should have been wrapped up early in the game, i thought it was going to be a draw, so when Landers scored at the death i was over the moon, could be a massive 3 points come end of the season.

VS Bury Town F.A Cup 2nd Qualifying Round
Bury Town 22-23 (RESULT).jpg

So we start our F.A Cup journey with an easy 3-1 win over Bury Town, not much to say about the game but i wouldn't mind having a decent run in the F.A Cup to help with the money.
VS Scarborough Athletic
Scarborough 22-23 (RESULT).jpg

Very much a game where we dropped 2 points, which may come back and bite us come end of the season.
VS Gloucester
Gloucester 22-23 (RESULT).jpg

Not much to say, draw was a fair result, onto the next one.
League Table SEPT 22.jpg

Overall not a bad month, still in the play off places and and still in touching distance of top spot and into the next round of the F.A Cup, let's keep this going into the next month and pull away from the rest of the pack.
Giorgio Rasulo 22-23.jpg

Our captain, and one of the main men in the team really stepped it up this month with some quality performances, which can only can be a good thing us if he keeps this up in the incoming months.

So the next update will be of the October fixtures, hope your all enjoying the story so far.