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Bang Bang You're Dead

Dec 13, 2007
Well, I downloaded this film simply because I heard Anti-flag (Angry, Young and Poor) was on the soundtrack. I wasn't expecting anything. Definitely not anything that good. But this film blew me away, seriously.

"For the most part it's a tale of an adolescent, Trevor, who gets picked on a lot at school. Not as much as he used to, because the year before he called in a phony bomb threat, complete with a working bomb (minus anything that would actually explode). Because of this, parents and teachers are afraid of him, and his fellow students generally avoid him, except for a group of outcasts called the "Trogs". As violence by the Jocks against the Trogs escalates, Trevor is the suspect for anything gone wrong, even though he didn't necessarily do anything. One teacher is willing to give Trevor the benefit of the doubt, and casts him in a highly controversial play about (what else?) school shootings. It all comes to a head as some other students create a plan to bring guns to school and kill everyone in the cafeteria. "

That's the synopsis off imdb. This film is very hardhitting. It has great acting all the way through, but it's nerve wrecking. Basically, it shows the school hierarchy and how social groups effect other individuals and greatly depicts a fabricated columbine. It gives the viewer insight into the motivation of the people who resort to shooting other kids. Give this a shot 'cos it has a lot to offer.
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Sep 15, 2005
Might watch it, sounds alright. Probably better than most of the **** I've watched in the past few months anyway.