Feb 26, 2006
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Baptista just DOES NOT score on fm 2007! At first i rotated him and V. Persie but V. Persie has scored 24 goals so far and Baptista as scored 5! Now hes a bench warmer! I want to play him 'cause his stats are really good but he flops whenever he plays! Anyone know what the problem could be:|

p.s. Do him and Reyes do a perminant switch at the end of the loan deal because thats what i heard.
Oops...oh well lol Sorry ;)

Although alot of these should be in the 'players' section!
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i had him upfront in henrys absence and he got a bag full of goals.
played up on his own with walcott and van persie either side and did well.
then i offered to buy him but everyone came in for him and he went to milan, the dog.
I have Henry Injured and Van persie Suspended for five games for punching drogba :p lol. So i am playing Baptista and Bojan up front (I hate Adebayor). It seems to me that baptista just blasts it over every time! Every goal hes scored for me has been a header.
thats a shame.
he was one of the reasons i finished 2nd in my first season.
now hes goen and the borad have gave me 2.5m to spend i am having to hope rossi and bendtner can do well for me as van persie has been playing poor.
I am not managing arsenal but when i look at the premiership top scorers baptista is always at the top plus he won world player of the year in his first season on my game