Jan 18, 2011
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Hey guys, I havce used data editor and I have decided to put barcelona in the premier league, I have also gave my self a budget of 250 million I know it's cheating but I just wanted to try an get barce to win the league and compete agianst united, arsenal, chelsea nd city!

Please help me on ideas of players ot buy please I can't think of who to get so any suggestions please I would be grateful!
You wouldn't need that money to compete for the league your Barca you should be challenging anyway.
You don't need to buy anyone. You have arguably the best squad in the world.

Just buy youngsters.
Barcelona with a budget of 250 millions......

anyone you want! i'm sure with their rep you could buy any player in the game except maybe a few from their rivals (who would still be Madrid etc unless you have changed that as well)
you don't need to buy anyone, your team is good enough to win the league. but if you "have to" buy some players just pick up some youngsters.
I know that but i could do with certian posiotins like left back another striker, another keeper and centre half and maybe some midfielders and yes I am going for youngsters too name some good youngsters too pleasea

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what positions that sorry