Jun 3, 2012
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Halfway through my first season as Milan I bought Perrin for around 4.5mil and then also saw that Bardi was being released by Inter at the end of the year so I offered him a contract. Now I have both of them heading into season 2. I was originally just going to go for Perrin but I could not pass up getting Bardi for free, so now I'm wondering which of them I should commit to for the future. With Abbiati on his way out I'm going to give one of them the starting job but do not want to waste the other as a backup, so does anyone have any insight as to which would be better as my long-term GK?
Bardi if played correctly can become insanely good, based on other forums future screenshots I have seen. Not sure if i can post links to other forums, so take a look around and sure you will find it...
If inter release bardi its a supurb signing, ive tryd out mattia perin a few times got him to become good once. But my favorite is Nicola Leali from juve, he always becomes supurb and with LFCMarsal last update i think he even become better.