Jul 18, 2010
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After an epic first season, I won the Play-Offs with Barnsley. First time I have ever done this as it usually takes me about 3-4 seasons.
Now for my question, who will be available at the end of season 1? Must be cheap or free as I want to make an impact but am only going to get so much to spend.

Cheers folks
Well what is your transfer budget?
What positions are you looking for?
dont know yet pal as I havnt progressed the game to next season yet, and any position can be improved now lol. My best players are Hammill (LM), Jay DeMerit (DC), Adrian Basso (GK), and Matias Abelairas (MC)
Continue your game , and see how much money you get first.
If you can, get Christian Benitez. At the start of the 1st season he costs around 2 million, he shouldn't cost much different in the 2nd season.

This is what he did for me

will do mate, waiting for kids to drop off so i can kick back and concentrate......will post soon

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thats a good goal scoring record for the prem from Benitez, he's worth a look as my best striker is Jeronimo Neuman and lets just say av got no back up for him
I admit, I'd yell "JERONIMO" every time he scored if I had him on my team. two goal of months he's had during the season....only valued at 80k

YouTube - Barnsley vs Cardiff - Morales Neumann Goal 29th minute

YouTube - Hull vs Barnsley - Morales Neumann Goal 74th minute

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Got to the next season n must say I was more than impressed with the TV rights money of £40m........


After saying we will avoid relegation they gave me a budget of £14m........So any ideas?
If I was you I'd go for Christian Benitez & maybe even Lacina Traore since you seem to need strikers.When I played as Barnsley I thouht they could be doing with Wingers, I signed Vladmir Weiss & David Hoilett who can also score goals.
Vaclav Kadlec & Tom Cairney for the future.
Macheda on loan is a good back-up or first teamer.
Christian Benitez definitely, try and get David Bentley too.
Jordan Rhodes as well, not an obvious PL target, but got a tidy 8 goals in 15 games for Coventry in my save in the Prem.
You could also try Nicolas Maurice Belay from Sochaux. Very cheap. also transfer listed, and it should rip apart your left wing:)
A warning for you in my Arsenal save barnsley got promoted and ended the season with 6 points and got beat 36 games in a row
is this shaun coscrove from barnsley/ athersley