prob because your new manager and they want to play under a more experienced manager and i couldnt see that screenshot you posted before this one
Have a look at my Mick Mcarthy save and i played as Barnsley for 6 months at the start and did pretty well i seem to remember the wingers being really good a good RB john stones i think and signing Suazo for up front
well b4 the update i got barnsley up dont know how did not sign any1 but i got them up just not had time to play in the prem so good luck to you sir plus marlon got 33goals for me he was a beast
He will be a cracking player in the Championship if you play him the right way!
right so if your still in the job by January i think you need to strengthen up at the back and maybe in goal but if you do get sacked i wouldn't mind seeing a save with a team like Millwall (im them) Charlton Watford Or someone like that or even my team PORTSMOUTH ! :)