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Nov 21, 2008
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I have just started a career as the Barrow AFC.
Just thought I would post up my free transfer captures and see what you guys think and also to let you all know how they have performed in pre-season so you can possibly buy them for yourselves.

S.***, promising youngster, rated 4-5 stars potential by my scouts.

P.Younghusband, excellent prospect, very good performances in pre-season including a goal against Sheff Weds

M-A. Manga, pretty good prospect, performed averagely in pre-season, could be a good backup.

K.Gyan, goes without saying, released by Fulham. Midfield general, and popped up wit ha couple of goals in pre--season

J.Vermooten, another good prospect, forced his way into the first-team

J.Gilpin, good young goalkeeper, good potential in LLM.

B.Smart, good physical player, a few assists in pre-season

A.Sakali, star player so far, played 4 pre-season, 4 assists, 2 MoM.

I hope this info helps some of you guys. I will keep an update of how these players perform throughout the season if this would be good for you all.

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Well, even though no-one seems to be interested in how my new players are performing, here are the half season stats of my signings for Barrow.
Simon ***, not played many games tbh, but has done well when he has played

Phil Younghusband, cracking season so far, played as a lone striker with poacher role

Marc-Andre Manga, decided to list him, keeps getting homesick and not really found his form

King Gyan, absolute beast, easily the best player of my season so far

Joshua Vermooten has been a rock at centre-half and has kept out a more experienced defender

James Gilpin has played well when needed, not a regular first-team player yet though

Bally Smart has been an very good for me on the left wing

Abdeltarek Sakali has had a very good season so far, popping up with a few crucial assists

Hope this info helps some of you guys, I will post more screenies of their end of season stats, along with an update.