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Batman tactic - plenty of goals, but I need your advise.


Oct 20, 2013
Hi all,

I am now testing a new tactic. It is great in attack as plenty of goals are scored, but as you can see in the screenshots, we tend to concede at least one goal per game. I admit that usually those goals conceded come from set pieces, but still.

To give you some ide of my tactic, see below:

View attachment 33227View attachment 33226View attachment 33225

I. Defense:

Ball playing centre backs are spreading the ball already from the back. I like them to keep the ball on the ground, to keep control of it.
Left and right full backs have their mind set on going forward to fill in the place of inside forwards in the front, and should have decent crossing skills.
Although, here I see some problems as there are not so much cleen sheets.

II. Midfield:

The core of midfield consist of deep lying playmaker, who is responsible to play the ball and give it to the attacking players. He should also prevent opposition players from attacking. Beside him you have the carillero. I chose this kind of a player as box to box midfielder is working from back to the opposition box, but I need him to instead move from side to side, to cover spaces left by attacking full backs.

III. Attack:

On the sides you see two inside forwards. They go in the middle and serve as advanced playmakers, and exploit the flanks to attack.
Two complete forwards up front are responsible to play the ball to their colleagues, creating chances and also scoring goals themselves.

IV. Training:

I set general training on tactis and game training on defense, as the team concede too much.

V. Opposition instrucitons: I leave it to my assistant.

Guys, if you can, check the tactics and try to fix the defense. It looks as this tactic is close to being something really good.