Feb 7, 2013
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Destiny: It can be defined in two ways...
Where you want to end up...
or where you do end up.

It had been planned for a while now but with Jupp Heynckes parting ways with the mighty Bavarians the legendary German club had seen off various other clubs and won the race to bring in the enigmatic Josep Guardiola. The Spanish maestro who led Barcelona to countless trophies over a four year period was now seeking to do the same in Germany. Uli Hoeneß the clubs chairman has been commended for landing Guardiola and the clubs fans have been drooling ever since the announcement was made public.

Players such as Arjen Robben, Manuel Neuer and Frank Ribery have all voiced there pleasure at the opportunity to work with a man who single handedly created Barcelona as not only a Spanish juggernaught but a European one. Guardiola had been enjoying a years sabatical from the game after leaving Barca but admitted that he was keen to return to the game and that he had missed it. He added that he will always have Barcelona in his heart but felt it was time to try and create another legacy.

With Barcelona heavily reliant on their youth system and La Masia it is yet to be known if Guardiola will try and install the same system at Bayern. Many have speculated that Die Roten don't have enough talent in their youth and reserve setup to be able to do this. However if anyone can solve this issue then Pep is the man to do it.


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Really good start here mate, I am really interest to see where this story goes. I know how much comments mean when your writing these stories so I will be sure to comment every time I read. The only thing I can say is when you post a picture I always put a border round them because they look better and a lot more professional. On a whole though fantastic start and fantastic layout. Keep it up.


" We'll build this club from the inside, there is no greater desire to win than through loyalty, understanding and love "

Guardiola has only been in charge of Bayern for a matter of days but it certainly seems that those who guessed he would focus on youth at at the club were correct. The young manager is famed for his ability to breed young players and make them into world class stars. Pep has made his first indication that this will be implemented at Die Roten by bringing in Hoffenheim's highly rated Head of Youth Development expert Bernhard Peters.

Peter's move starts off a chain of events which will see the current Head Of Youth Development Wolfgang Dremmier promoted to Guardiola's Assisstant Manager. Dremmier has been part of the clubs backroom staff since 1996 and in Guardiola's eyes is an important member of his team. This has therefore seen current Assisstant Manager Peter Hermann's contract terminated by mutuaral consent. The club couldn't persuade him to take on another role under Guardiola and thought that his best interests may lie elsewhere.

Contuning to focus on the Youth development at the club Glaurdiola has also poached the talented Youth Coach Norbert Elgert from Schalke. He has been looked upon as a fantastic Youth Coach and will really benefit Bayern as they look to utilise their younger players.

The Bavarians have also agreed to terminate the first team's Goalkeeping Coach Toni Tapalovic's contract by mutural consent. This has been agreed as Guardiola wanted someone with more experience training his squads keepers. Feyenoord's Joop Hiele was the man brought in to replace him and has more years in the profession and far more experience.

Also coming in is the vastly experienced Gianpiero Ventrone who the club have described as a beacon of knowledge. He had been without a club and with Guardiola moving fast to add him to his backroom staff he decided to join Die Roten. Another coach joining is the fairly unheard of Brazillian Coach Anselmo Sbraglia who has been receiving rave reviews from South America. He joins from Palmeiras and specialises in attacking and defensive training.

With Guardiola also concerned about the state the clubs fitness training has been in he has again terminated more contracts this time the three first team Fitness Coaches have all muturally agreed to leave. Andreas Kornmayer, Thomas Wilhelmi and Marcelo Martins will now be looking for new clubs while the Brazillian pair of
José Mário Campeiz and Elio Carravetta come in to boost the fitness levels and the training. The two south American's have glowing reviews and have been touted as two of the best in their trade. With the likes of Arjen Robben and Frank Ribery are known to be injury prone Guardiola was keen to ensure that the Fitness training doesn't affect his players who maybe coming back from a slight knock or more serious injury.


Bernhard Peters ------ Anselmo Sbraglia --------Joop Hiele

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