Oct 30, 2012
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My personal version of a Bayern Munich tactic. Its a rather simple system. I feel it closely resembles Raikan's Awesome AMC tactic. However, there are a few tweaks. I used this (Arsenal 1-3 Bayern Munich: Tactical Analysis of a Bavarian Battering | Bleacher Report) article as the basis for the tactic. However, its only been tested in the MLS with the New York Red Bulls. (Hometown Club) I feel the key to the system is the defensive line distributing the play up to the Schweinsteiger-esque midfielder. The two defensive minded midfielders are to never stray far from each other. Be sure to set the player instruction for both not to roam from position. Dante is one of the most undervalued defender in Europe, his exceptional awareness and smooth passing is crucial to the Bavarian masterclass. Then you have Van Buyten. His job is to defend, period. The left center mid will then spray a good ball up to the wingers or the Trequartista, another critical role. Toni Kroos' position in the system is critical. The trequartista needs exceptional vision, passing, technique, first touch, and a decent mid to long range shot. The trequartista seems to be the main playmaker of the team. The "Kroos" role will feed the ball to your Robben/Ribery wingers. The wingers need good dribbling, pace, crossing, etc. Finally, we have our Complete Forward. The "Gomez" role. Now, he needs to resemble that of Falcao, Huntelaar, or Benzema. Exceptional heading, dribbling, finishing, and off ball movement is needed. The lone striker needs to be able to to nod in a cross from the wings or receive a defense-splitting through ball and dribble into the 18 yd. box and execute a cool finish past the keeper.

Please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments and don't be afraid to tweak the tactic!
Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?gbhaz8t3b8l4pbk
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Can you post some results from your NYRB save?