Apr 21, 2013
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Hi, in first season my team play good, not great but good i won Bundesliga and trophy. Now im in second season and my team play awful. I barely win match at home and on road i lost almos all games. Opponent need only few chance on gol and win when i need huge amount of chance and often i still loose becouse my players dont shoot well or shoot many times from distance.

Its because of how narrow that tactic is I think. I would guess all your attacking players are overloading the space in front of the box giving the man with the ball no choice other than to either pass back to the defense or shoot from range, Resulting in a lot of possession and shot but little to no real scoring chances.

Edit: Also don't underestimate how important managing morale can be during a bad run of results.
Yes i try set normal width and dosen't work... I try set slower tempo, back defensive line and dont work too. My player's morale are great. In FM12 i play 4-2-2-2 and evrything was fine, and now i just get angry...
Put Ribery and Robben back one spot (level with Martinez), then drop both cms int a dm position. Play Martinez as a dm (d), and Schweinsteiger as a dm (s). Get Kroos to support Martinez.
Also, maybe try Robben as an IF, as he doesn't pass/cross that well.

Make the team a little more wider (not by much tho), and remove the counter attacking option. Your players will hoof the ball up field needlessly too much.

Also, switch to an attacking Strategy. Why control when you have such excellent attackers? Get the ball forward and bang in them goals!

This tactic looks very def. Thought i loose again, but i finally win, control match all the time. Very nice tactic, thx.

This tactic looks very def. Thought i loose again, but i finally win, control match all the time. Very nice tactic, thx.

Aha, yes it does look like a defensive formation but what it is is actually one that let's you completely dictate the game. The two deeper midfielders are key in it and you have two quality ones. Expect your DLP to get a fair few goals. I would remove Kroos from being the playmaker as it means that your players will constantly be giving him the ball (which is good in other formations, not this one). Using this you want your wingers to make those incisive cutting runs (as well as crosses) to your strong man up front.

If you need to score more goals maybe move Kroos a bit higher up, play him as an AM (S)

p.s: Gomez would be much better striker wise for this formation
I know Gomez is better striker but he is injury badly :/
Now its not, he got injury too and his attribute got down. I put him on transfer list but noone is interesting. I'm happy becouse Lewandowski is comming for free after season so he will be great addition.

PS. Wellcome Gotze :D

try playing Robben as an IF, that might help him score.