Nov 23, 2008
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Hi Guys,

Can anyone recommed a box to box midfielder for my spurs team, 1st season 2nd transfer window. If its someon I already have please let me know, atm I have Parker playing there but not sure he is the most ideal. if you can recommend anyone I have about £15m in the bank to spend but not much in wage really.

Moussa Dembele. He is an absolute class midfielder. Please tell me you are at least starting him already
You could try Moussa Sissoko or Ramires. Sissoko might not come to you if you are using the newest database / update but ramires should
I used Ramires as BBM in my 1st 2 seasons with Chelsea. All i can say is that he gives his best with that role. At least in my case.
Sandro and Moussa Dembele are two of the absolutest best in the world. They both get hurt often though, so they should be cover for eachother, if not on the same field as often as possible.

I mean you picked Spurs in the first place so I guess i cant expect too much from ya :p
Vurnon Anita from NUFC. Great potential and stats for a B2B midfielder and he's very versatile. He can play as a CM, DM, DR, DL and if you're in a desperate situation even as a CD.