In the op you have gave me Cambiasso and G.Johnson which i did bid for but didn't win... Joe157 won them ;)
Sending bids now, Um you aint included how much we got left in the OP tho :?
How did I know Aneil would say that. Brad I was doing it just before the website went down this morning so I didnt have time and couldnt check as it went of early
Naa, cus i didnt want to overbid for players if i didnt have a budget obviusly, how many days of bidding is therE?
The deadline should be at 7pm i was at football so i didnt get to bid!
Yeah 7pm ftw anyway as usual I didn't read the thread, bids sent.
Yea joe u did win balotelli, i think he made a typo, but if u want i have balotelli for free LOL.

and he aint even online i dont think, so it probs is 7.
Ah right thats cool... and no mate, I think I'll have him, hes a badass |)
Sent my bids, sorry I have not been on, I'm currently on holiday in Barcelona.

Sent from my iPhone.
Just sumitted bids, hopes it's 7pm

will it be 7pm or 5pm for tomorrow either way i shall be quite drunk and doubt i will bid
Well i think he's been out all day, because i have him on fb and he aint been on all day and earlier he posted "off out", so umm yea, Probs be tomorrow morning.