Beast Unleashed! by dlizero the unknown tactician.


Jan 28, 2010
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UPDATE: Version 1.5 is out! Scoring more and better in defence! Everything just got better! TRY IT! ^^)


I am dlizero and i managed to make a successful tactic that worked with the Norwegian premiere division and the Scandinavian teams.

Here is the link for the old tactic:

and the thread:

This what the people who tried this tactic think:

OMG this tactic is ******* amazing.
Tried it in Odd, and is first with 8 games left and have scored 98 goals and have conceded five goals. Djilas you should realy try it

lots i've tried but yours is the exellence one. so i recommend to use this tactic

There was a problem with the defense of the old tactic and now I managed to fix it but the scoring caliber is still there.

Now I made (still in the process of perfecting it) this tactic that [currently] works with my new game with Man City.

The Tactic:
Patch: 11.2

Formation: 4 3 2 1

OI: None

Team talks: Assistant manages the talks but I do change them if I don't like what he chooses

Pitch size: The smallest/shortest one

Match preparation: Is set to current and I let it stay on "team blend" and workload is set to "HIGH"

Shouts: Don't use them

Key statistic of players:

GK: Someone like Joe Hart or better.

DCL: Heading and composure as he will be the one banging the goals with his head in corner situation

MC: Someone like Yaya Touré. 15 (+) (-) long range shooting as he often get a lot of space after the to AMC and ST run up to fill the box. When he gets the ball he will blast it on the goal so its better to have someone that can shoot here.

MCL and MCR: Crossing and passing ability. Those that can run fast like Wright-Phillips. 19(+) (-) in acceleration.

AMCL and AMCR: A little bit of a runner but not that fast one that can finish, pass, shoot and cross.

ST: Just like the wingers you need him fast as he tends to run past his marker, if he manages to do this all as he often do with me. There are the oppurtunity to pass it to the winger behind with the AMC or beat the keeper and score. Mario Balotelli is a good example here. he can run, score and pass.

Corners: Far post
Throw ins: Quick
Free kicks: Far

The current season:
16 games into the season and my team is currently occupying the nr. 1 spot.



The scoring is not bad and the allowed goals is in my opinion not so bad as we only allowed 9 so far.

Manager statistics:
Games played: 25
Games won: 21
Win %: 84%

Hope it works for you as it is doing for me, I have tried so many tactics when i try the big leagues and none of them has done what my tactic is doing.

Side notes:
I'm feeling kinda lazy so ill just post some picture for now and i will do the tread later. Support the tactics made by unknown tacticians, you'll never know we just might hit the jackpot! |)

The download page (pictures are also here):

or just simply click the download link under :D
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I winning the first division in Argentina with Estudiantes de La Plata, is well for me for now, well see in the future, sometimes the mentality makes me doubts.
Thanks and will post the futures results, sorry for my poor english