Jun 5, 2012
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So in my Southampton save whenever I come up against someone like Hull,or Norwich a few seasons in,i just can't beat them,reason being they play 5 at the back,They only tend to play 5 at the back at their place,but I can't find any way through,I created a tactic which works wonders against top teams away,with Full backs on attack and a DM DLP and AP,but I just can't beat 5-3-2 for example,what can I do,i play quite a high line,pressing,short,quick football,and more of a narrow width
Maybe play deep, and try and draw their defence out and then play killer balls through to players making runs from deep?

Edit: Saying that I'm not much cop against 5 at the back either but don't seem to come across too many teams playing that way ATM luckily. But that's what I'd try...
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Thanks for the reply Si,after looking at a few forums,i should probably play with wingers when playing against 5,as I usually play quite narrow with 3 IF's,so i'll try doing that,and exploiting the flanks,because the midfield is too congested,thanks
leave a couple CBs and DM-anchored back, send your FB's up on support to bomb in some crosses, use your wingers to pull the defense wide, and send the striker's down the middle with midfield support. Let's see, 2 cbs, 1 dm, 2 fbs, 2 cms, 2w, 1 tm...yep, that'll work. I wish I wasn't at work right now, I want to play with some tactics.
Wing attack. WBS Overlapping. High pressure game.
Play a 4-4-2.

3-5-2/5-3-2 whatever you want to call it. Was a tactic built upon defensive and counter attacking football. By playing your own counter attacking 4-4-2, his team will try to take the initiative and try to play with more possession. Given that the 4-4-2 tactic is the supreme king of counter attacking football and with his wingbacks exposed in your half of the field, you should win by a fair amount of goals.

But like MANUMAD said, Use the flanks, overlap with your fullback/wingback, but close him down only in your half.