Dec 5, 2008
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This is my first post on FM 2011 and I was wondering how well does Bebe developed? Cause in my saves he developed very well :D
welcome :)

please in future, search for the player you are looking for or use the sticky section :) all the threads created just below that little (irrresistable) create new thread icon :)

there is not a Bebe thread for Fm11 (as we all pretty much know him)

so if you would not mind using the Template as well as taking the time to read our very simple and easy rules, we would really appreciate it :)

Player Thread Rules

Wonderkids in the future

Request a player screenshot

oh, and welcome to the rest of your life, you will never leave Fm-Base, I can promise you that :)
I just can't find a thread about Bebe. And I was wondering how well can he get. I'll remember what you said :)
I know, there is not a thread :) that is why this is still open :)

ask in the two other threads I have linked for you :)