Beckham In spurs loan?? Is it possible?


Dec 29, 2008
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Got a question for those who know a bit about using the editor. Is it possible to set David Beckhams loan to spurs up in the database to go through in january? Im reasonably ok at using the editor and know how to put future transfers in but future loans dont seem to work. Would be grateful for any suggestions chaps!!! (of course it will be dependant on Beckham signing for spurs)!!
LUFC Marshall is doing a Jan update which will include this (if it goes through of course) so you could wait and download that
Sorry if this is in the wrong place boys, this forum side of things is still a bit new to me! I know how to do it, same sort of thing as future transfers but wen games loaded up theres nothing on the players screen to say "joining tottenham in jan". Although perhaps it wouldnt say that anyway?? I can just set it up so Beckham starts the season on loan at spurs and returns in March. Doesnt mirror real life thats all!! Fussy I know. Appreciate your help anyway boys!!