Become A Legend - The Bowels of Football

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Jan 15, 2013
First Name(s): Tom
Last Name: Greasley
Date of Birth: 01/07
City of Birth: Sutton-In-Ashfield
Nationality: English
Second Nationality
Ambitious, Loyal, Professional, Sporting, or Resilient: Ambitious
: 178
: 72
Feet strength
(0-20) (right and left must add up to 30)

  • right: 18
  • left: 12
Primary Position (Natural): AMC
Secondary Position (Accomplished): CM
Favorite Club (Max 2): Nottm Forest, Man Utd
Disliked Club (Max 2): Derby County, Leicester City
Idols (Max 2): Gazza, Zidane

3 Best mental attributes (excluding determination): Flair, Creativity, Work Rate

2 Best Physical attributes (excluding injury proneness): Pace, Stamina

3 Best technical attributes (excluding versatility): Dribbling, Passing, Long Shots