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Becoming A Selling Club


Oct 4, 2011


  • [*=center]Take over a club with very good youth facilities
    [*=center]Develop the next superstars

    [*=center]Sell them on at big profits

I started a wee save with Zilina in Slovakia simply because they have a very good youth setup and I am a wee bit fed up with transfers on FM14.

So the idea was to only use youth team players, similar to what I do each year with Ajax only this would be much more challenging as its a lesser club in a lesser nation.

Anyway, I haven't even reached the first transfer deadline day and have had to reject several bids for some of my best players. Hence I got thinking, what if this whole career was just about never rejecting any reasonable bids for players and seeing how these players got on in bigger, better leagues - thus the challenge idea.

An example of this at work with Zilina:

View attachment 375099
Bid accepted because they were too good to refuse and players with replaced with young cheap alternatives who will eventually be sold on at profit too.

Here's a good list of teams with the best youth facilities:

Football Manager 2014 Top Clubs with Best Youth Facilities | Passion for Football Manager

So what do you reckon? A good idea for a challenge/career?

If so, shall I continue the Zilina career or start up a new one with a more familiar setup from the list above?


May 27, 2013
Sounds like a great idea and something I might start as well. im thinking of doing it with a team in eastern europe like dinamo (croatia) or partisan (serbia). Or maybe doing it a bit differently and starting with new york/la galaxy and try and produce top american talent to sell to europe. do you have any advice one how to play this kind of challenge