Sep 18, 2005
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Instead of making loads of new threads about everything, post all your problems and bugs you come across in here :)

Park-ji sung and even ronaldo are ridiculously underrated on the game, and also I got a message saying richardson had played 30 games this season when id only played about 10 <_<
Van Der Saar is the worst for reserach in Man U team.

Celtic has to be the worst reasearched team. The reseracer quit too late in the day to be replaced and therefor ethe research is terrible, there was a big petition from Celtic fans about it who even boycotted the game!
Only thing that botheres me is when playing a net game you cant see how many ppl are waiting
mate, rooney is a pack of ****. he cant score to save his life in my game. he doesnt get in the engladn team either, hopefully a patch will solve this!
since when wasnt Rooney first choice for England, plus whos moaning about Rooney
nah hes right,hes not too good on the game either, and yeah vds isnt that good either to begin with
whos he responding to, saying mate?

Anyway Rooney is faily rated
Rooney is fine...well I thought so anyway.

But like you say EVD is way way underrated. :mad:
Far too many ******* sending offs! grrr

and too many ******* offside goals!
dont you think that could be your tactic dee :) ?

Also Park is fairly rated imo
Park is rubbish on mine. He went to Villa in the second season and is put on the bench every match (Boa Morte is played above him) and there is too much injuries!
dont you think that could be your tactic dee :) ?

Also Park is fairly rated imo

Nah,im top with Real, its the game ;)

And park has like crossing 10, dribbling 12 or some ***** like that...hes better than that
hes really not, all he is, is a bit of pace and running and he has 19 stamina and 17 pace/acc
maxi rodriguez and torres are pretty underrated aswell imo
I dont see personal a personal picture of any players, does anyone know how to change it?
You need to download facepacks.
couple of issues-I got my (Madrid) feeder link with Espanyol terminated after one season as 'they were now in the same division'...erm...like last year :|

Also, not a big one though, after winning the Uefa cup with them, Laudrup, a club fave said something like i had transformed the club from something (basically average,medicore,****..cant remember xactly) to a household name!?!? wtf...