Been there, never won it - The Champions League

And bec

Jul 28, 2014
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Just for disclosure, I have FM18 touch.

So this team have been runners up of the champions league on three occasions, the most for any team to not win the competition.

My Goal, is to bring them their first ever trophy in this competition before I get fired! Will I do it? How long will it take? Who is this team???

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Yes Athletico Madrid. Probably the third best team in La Liga. Just to spice things up a bit, they have a transfer ban. They do have Costa, but he is not eligible to play until January.

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Transfer ban or not, no money to bring in players or sign free agents. We do have a player out on loan to Porto who is being sold to Porto in January for 30 mil. Should have some money to spend in the January transfer window.

Lets get on with it, champions league glory, here we come..............
Unfortunately im going to abandon the save.

Experiencing too many injuries and conceding far too many from set pieces. No matter what i do they always have a free man and score. Conceded three corners in last game. Not enjoying it.

I might start this up again when the full game is out.