Feb 8, 2011
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Just Odered Football Manager 2011 , and decided to come on here for advice , my last game was CM 03/04 so a considerable step up.

I was Wondering if theirs a complete begginer guide because it obviously going to be a far cry from my last game.

I was Going to try with My Beloved Peterborough and Was wondering what sort of tactics to use with them , What Training Schedule And What Players to buy

Id Be Grateful if you could provide links

Thanks , Tommo.
Welcome to the world of Football Manager :D There's now going back now...

For Training Schedules, IanC and Dunc have both released outstanding ones.
Tactics, have a look through the downloads section and find one that suits you, are try making one for yourself, and if it works well, then upload it :)
players depends on budget dont know how much peterborough start with
is their any thread that discusses league 1 players , or around that standard.
for players you could download some of the shortlists on the site
they range from wonderkids to frees to bargains
im shore youll find some players from them
You'll be absolutely hooked in no time mate. Have a look at the "who should I buy/sell?" section in players, there should be plenty of advice in there for League 1 clubs.
dont worry m8 you'll be fine download duncs training and fm is so user-friendly you'll get used to it in no time
Cheers Lads , thats me hooked in no time

Going To Try A Game With My Beloved Posh ;)

I was wondering weather to play the 4-2-2-2 with Mackail Smith And Fabien Brady Up top

Body And Mendez-Laing As Wingers

Any Other Players you would reccomend to strengthen the defence , since were very leaky in real life

And Out Of Intrest , Does Anyone know their starting Budget
should tell you starting budget on message board at start of game mate
cheers, should be here in the next few days

is their a League 1 staff list ?

i plan to Sign Fabien And Grittiths
if u want good staff look in 4*or greater coach list they are best on game
look around prem youth teams for good loan players as they will have tons available