Beginner help - frustrated!!!!!!!


Apr 6, 2013
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Hi all, I'm ripping my hair out here. I need some help.....

just bought FMH13 for the ipad. Started out with spurs. Did well in my first season. Won the fa cup and came second in the league. Signed a few players and got sacked in my second season. Despite being mid table and doing well in europe.

so I sign up to another club. Antwerp in the Belgian league. They have hardly any money and I'm bottom of the league with no wins in 12 games. I've tried changing the squad, tried changing the setup. I keep on top of the training. I've tried being aggressive, defensive and just normal. But I just can't win. I've tried signing new players but can't land anyone worth having. I've attempted to sign maybe 20 centre backs. All refused on the contract. Tried playin all different formations, no luck.

Totaally at a loss at what else to try. It seems everything I try is failing. Ready to throw my ipad out the window.
scout Youth
Loan rather than transfer for a centre back - Loans yield better players and you can often get them for 0% wage

Try a 4-2-1-3 formation - tactics: Balanced/mixed/committed and Pressing-YES all else to No
Put your best strikers either side of the central striker and set each of their personal tactics to their natural mentality ie Adf, Btb InF etc
and then if you go a goal down switch from balanced t attacking and your formation to 4-2-2-2 with two winger set as Inward Forwards
Sounds like **** luck more than anything. Sorry mate. If I were you, I'd restart the career. Haha.