Oct 14, 2022
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Hello everyone, I'm a beginner in gaming. any advice would be appreciated. I started playing with Southampton. The management's expectations are survival in the Premier League. But I expect something much more, even though it will be difficult, especially since I am a beginner.

I didn't start writing from the beginning, but from now on I plan to contact you regularly and inform you about the results.

In the following pictures I will show the results so far. The tactic I'm currently using. I also need help with making tactics because I download tactics from the internet. Can help with OI, how to play against the big ones, how to save the score.

Southampton_ Overview.png

Southampton_ Overview-2.png

Southampton_ Overview-3.png

Regarding the transfer, at the beginning we brought:

1. Josip Šutal of Dinamo Zagreb for 16.5M plays CD, he is very young and I give him a chance in the first team. The problem is that he has an exit clause for 29M, I hope I can extend his contract and remove him

Josip Šutalo_ Profile.png

2. Andreas Schjelderup for 8M from Football Club Nordsjælland, very young getting a regular chance in the first team. Has a release clause of 32M or for teams playing in the Champions League 64M.

Andreas Schjelderup_ Profile-3.png

3. Jhon Durán came from Chicago for 4.6M. I think it's a good investment because I could make a lot of money from it. He has a contract until 2027 and an optional extension for another 3 years.

Jhon Durán_ Profile.png

4. Martin Baturina brought from Dinamo Zagreb for 7 M. Very young, he can play havoc with a very good player. He has a contract until 2026 with an option to renew for 1 year. He gets a chance in the first team.

Martin Baturina_ Profile-2.png

5. Marcos Leonardo 16.75 Brazilian. He will be a world class striker. The only problem is that he didn't want to sign the contract without an exit clause which is 51M for Champions League clubs. I think it will be difficult to keep him in the team.

There were no big departures as you can see in the next picture.

Southampton_ Transfer History.png

Our finances are going in a bad direction so we will have to sell at the end of the season. And we are bringing in new players.

Southampton_ Summary.png

The plans are as follows, but we will see more.
1. James Ward-Prowse is the engine of this team and he will stay in it.

2. Mohammed Salisu announced his departure, his contract will expire at the end of next season, so he will leave the team at the end of the season and we will have to find a replacement for him.

3. Ainsley Maitland-Niles returns to Arsenal after loan. Arsenal do not want to extend the loan. I have a purchase order for 10M. but we don't have money, so he leaves too. And we are looking for a left back.

4. Theo Walcott years have taken their toll, we did not extend his contract.

. Alex McCarthy's contract expires in 2024 on the transfer list. I have no intention of extending the contract with him only if he agrees to be the backup goalkeeper. Because the first goalkeeper is young Gavin Bazunu. Some of his outbursts cost us bots, but I still give him a chance and believe in him.

6. Dan Nlundulu is out of contract at the end of next season and I have no intention of extending it.

7. Stuart Armstrong is playing well this year. Experience is on his side. The contract expires next season. I don't know what to do yet.

8. Che Adams His contract expires next season. until Leonardno came, he was one of the best players. And we can say our best scorer. I would sell him and bring in a young striker. But I'm afraid that someone doesn't activate Leonard's buyout clause and then I would be left without a striker and young Duran is not ready for the first team.

9. Moussa Djénépo leaves safely

10. Adam Armstrong we are waiting for an offer for him because he will not have a chance next to the young Norwegian on the left side.

11. Sékou Mara leaves

I will report at the end of the season. So far the results are as follows. I had difficulty with tactics. Not bad now. Any advice is welcome. I will report a little like this, and a little will be like journalistic articles. I hope you will like my career.
Great interview with the home coach who conquers England

Dear readers, in today's edition of the sports newspaper, we bring you a great interview with our coach who conquers England and becomes a favorite of Southampton fans.

Mr. Joco, first of all I want to greet you on my own behalf and on behalf of the entire editorial staff. We can safely say that you have had a successful season in England and let me congratulate you on that

Greetings to you and your readers. Thank you for your kind words, but don't praise us too much (laughs). kidding aside, we are far from a big success. We ended up in an English league as 8th. But of course regret remains for the lost char points.


When you say regret remains, what exactly do you mean?

I think we should have made some tactical changes earlier. And I take the mistake on myself and here I tell you publicly that it is only my fault that we are not playing in Europe next year.

You are known as someone who does not like to give interviews to newspapers, but I did not get that impression. I'm sure the fans don't share your opinion and they're very happy with eighth place.

And imagine how much more we would appreciate my players and myself if we played in Europe. But next season we are fighting for Europe and I think we will succeed in that. And I don't like to give interviews because nobody even invited me (laughs). Just kidding of course I'm still new at this.

Many were against your arrival at the beginning of the season, but you justified your arrival. You are known to be very fond of giving young people a chance, can you tell us if you have any young players you want to bring in?

To see it like this. I come from a small country that has exceptional footballers, but which is not doing very well in the national selection. When a coach from a small country takes over a big club and does not have much experience, if we do not count playing football manager and managing small municipal and rural clubs, of course he has to carry a big burden on his back and does not have the support of the fans.

You lived up to expectations. But you wisely avoided the answer about bringing in some young player.

Sorry, I didn't dodge on purpose. Of course I have plans to bring in a couple of players. We are weak in some positions, some will have to leave, some will hopefully come. But I wouldn't talk about that now. I promise you that before the start of the season we will be able to freely discuss transfers and transfer plans.

My next question was going to be what will happen to Mohammed Salisu but I see you don't want to talk about plans.

Well, I have to tell you what will happen. Mohammed Salisu is bound to throw a big party. because his goal was chosen as the best goal of the season. Considering that he is a defensive player and that his goal is the most beautiful among many goals, I think that is the least he can do.


I would also have to refer to your colleagues. What do you have to say about Pep Guardiola, Graham Potter and Mikel Arteta being sacked?

of course i'm sorry. They was work a great job. Pep Guardiola is one of the best coaches in the world. Manchester is a club that always wants trophies. Unfortunately, they finished 3rd. I wish him the best of luck and I think he will find another club very soon. As for Potter I think he just needed time to get his team in place. I am also very sorry for Artete. I was think the next season is hes. Arsenal is a team that has been waiting for a trophy for a long time. Arteta has been leading Arsenal for a long time, the progress has certainly been seen. He also played with very young players and they need a little more time to get used to it and I'm a little sorry that I didn't see what that team would have looked like if he had stayed on the bench.

You praise Arteta a lot, should we suspect that you might be offering yourself to the Arsenal board?

You know what Ceca's song says "because no and no"... I remain the coach of Southampton.

Can you reveal to our readers how you will be spending the holidays and what you have in store for the next season?

I will spend a large part of my vacation in Serbia. I craved home-made food, and I must admit that home-made rakijais lacking in England.

It was a great honor for me to do an interview with you. I wish you the best of luck next season. Don't forget you promised me another itnerviju.

Thank you for the invitation.

it's september. The transfer period has ended. The season has started and I can tell you that I am quite pleased. The next match that awaits us in mid-September. I'm sitting in my office thinking about whether I did the transfer period well when my phone rang. It was Marko Milovanovic. The player I brought from Aleria for 6.5 million.

Marko Milovanović_ Profile.png

- Boss, sorry for calling you, I know we don't have training today. But I have to apologize to you and I promise to play much better. I hope to continue to get my chance.

- Marko, you are still a young boy. You don't have to apologize to me. Keep training, of course you will get your chance. You yourself know that Marcos Leonardo and Vitor Roque (ATP player for 17.5 million) are in shape and it is not right to leave them out of the first team. But everyone is counting on you and there will be room for everyone who works hard. You are good!

Vitor Roque_ Profile-3.png

- I know, boss, but I'm afraid I won't get my chance. Ardu Guler (from Fenerbahce A.S. for 8.75 million) came here and he is a first team player.

Arda Güler_ Profile.png

- First of all, Marko. I am the boss! Don't make me angry. Arda Guler plays for the first team, but you don't play in the same positions. You yourself know that we are weak on the right side. And that Arda Guler and Martin Baturina are changing AMC and AMR. Depending on the tactics. You and John Duran just train hard and you get your chance. I count on you.

- Thank you, boss!

The connection has been terminated. I knew I might have been a little harsh on Marko. But I also knew that Marko came from the Balkans like me. And I knew they were guys who would work hard, but you have to know who's boss. I was thinking what kind of team Yugoslavia would have had it not disintegrated and divided into several countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia)...
We are a very hardworking people. Honor and existence are our first priority. One great example of a great warrior on the pitch from the Balkans is certainly Zlatan Ibrahimović. He comes from Bosnia, but after the breakup of Yugoslavia, he moved to Sweden and thus became their player. Let's remember that he and Novak Djokovic speak Serbian and are very good friends.

I lit a cigar and thought if I made a mistake when I brought Dominik Livakovic from Dinamo for 15.5 million. It was the last day of the transfer window. But simply young Gavin Bazunu made a lot of mistakes. I couldn't let us lose points because of inexperience. of course I still count on him, but Dominic will be my solution for the first goalkeeper.

Dominik Livaković_ Profile.png

A cigar was being smoked and I was thinking when Muhamed Salisu was at my training in Turkish River, boss, I told you last season that I had no intention of extending my contract. I know I have one more year left on my contract, but Real Madrid contacted me to join them. It's my boyhood dream! I just winked at him and said Joca keep your word! I admit that I didn't have a solution and a replacement for him, but I had to let him go. So he left for 26M.

I lit another cigar, I remembered that last year on the right Stewart Armstrong who went to Mexico for 7 million was unstoppable. Will the youngsters manage to finish the season like he did. Will the young strikers be able to play like Che Adams who is now at Wolverhampton Wanderers who bought him for 23 million.

Southampton_ Transfer History-5.png

The season has started! Great for us. It's just the beginning, we have to keep winning.

We started the season against Leicester City and won 5-2. Yes, James Ward-Prowse crossed twice and replaced Mohamed Salisu, who left for Ream Madrid, Duje Caleta-Car scored twice with a header.

I didn't change the tactics of the next game, we played like Leicester City 4-1-3-2. And yes, we beat Brentford 5-2.

The third home game was played against former Man City coach Pep Guardiola. We started the match with 4-1-3-2, at halftime it was 1-1. It's probably my fault, because at half-time I told the players that they were unlucky. And with tactical changes, we lost 4-1.

We played away from home against Barnia and miraculously in the 80th minute Šutalo scored a goal with his head and we won 1:0. The feeling was extraordinary. I know I have to tell the players that it's just the beginning of the season. That there is a lot to play. The Caribou Cup followed, we drew Fulham, played away. As we were doing well with the 4-1-3-2 tactic, I decided to change and we played 4-1-4-1. The players came out full of confidence. I wasn't hoping for that. But at half time we were leading 5-0. By the end of the game, Fulham managed to score one goal. and the final score was 5-1. Move on!

In the attacks against Crystal Palace I was very angry with the young Tino Livrament, who missed the penalty and was then responsible for the second goal. Fortunately, in the 87th minute we reached 2-2 and shared the points.

We hope for good results in the future.

Southampton_ Fixtures-2.png

Along with the cigar, I poured homemade rakija and listening a local song and thought about my village.
Right after the game against Watford, which we won 2-0, my phone rang. It was my scout David Trezeguet. Sefe I found an extremely good young player. I know we have a lot of strikers and you have high hopes for all four. But you have to see this. It was about the young Brazilian Endrik. Come in my office. I know you are doing a good job. I knew that David was a good scout as he was a good football player. I had to see what he found. It was a child prodigy. I knew I had to sign it. But I also knew it would be very difficult. He was only 17 years old and did not want to cross. Although the club wanted to let him go. This will be a long negotiation. I know I have a lot of attackers. But I also know that they provide great games, especially Leonardo and Roku, but they have an exit clause that I hope will not be activated. I'm figuring out how to remove her from the contract.


The game against Newcastle meant a lot to me. I knew to fight for Europe with them. They were led by Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman. We started with our 4-1-3-2 formation. Koeman is an exceptional expert and has prepared his team well. At halftime, we had 6 shots, but none of them were on target. In the half-time, we make a tactical change, taking Roku out of the game and introducing Baturin, and so we switch to 4-1-4-1. Koeman had no answer even though he switched from 4-3-3 to 3-4-3. The result in the end was 2-0 for us. After this big game in the Cariboo Cup, with a much changed team, we beat Middlesbrough 3-0, even though we played 4-2-4.

In the game against Fulham, we fought for 4th place. WE were 4, they were 5. They would have defeated us with a victory. The matches started with caribou cup formations. As the home team, we started with our recognizable 4-1-3-2 tactic, while Fulham went with 4-1-2-3. The guests did not have a good time in the half. He leaves with a score of 2-0 for us. The end of the game ended with a score of 4-0 and thus we remain in 4th place. We are 5 points more Aston Villa, against whom we play the next game.

At the end of September, Leonardo was our best player of the month as well as the best young player of the month. I was happy for him and to have such a player. But I was just thinking how to keep him because of his clause.

Jovica Vucinic_ Inbox.png

Jovica Vucinic_ Inbox-2.png

It's night, I'm in my office. I didn't go home. In front of me was a newspaper with a big headline Leonardo out of action for 2 months. I remember that game. We went there to win, but **** it.


The match against Aston Villa meant a lot to us, even if we lose it, we keep 4th place. But we needed a win because below us are both Chelsea and Arsenal, who will step on the gas until the end of the season. I simply told the boys. LET'S GO FOR THE WIN!
We played the match away from home. After Aston Villa followed the match with Man City. There was no time to rest. Let's go for the win.
Who is the best? WE! The players said and got into the bus that was driving us to the Aston Villa field.
Although we had confidence. I was aware that today was going to be a very difficult game. I didn't want the players to see that I was worried. Baturina was not feeling well and could not play the game, and James Ward-Prowse are suspend. We were simply bad in midle. I decided to play 4-2-4.

The match has started. The second minute was played. Leonardo got hurt. He had to come out of the game. I sent both Duran and Marko to warm up. I decided on Duran because in the Cariboo Cup he gave it a go and waited for his chance.
I knew it would be difficult without Leonard. Aston Villa took advantage of their chance and reached 1-0 in 20 minutes. We didn't give up. I encouraged my players. And believe me, I couldn't wait to light a cigar. I was so nervous. In 30 minutes, Lavio do Diala. Dialo asistent and the young Norwegian Andreas Schjelderupscores a goal. 1-1 yeah. Even though I thought we were weaker in the middle, the guys are doing their job. In the 57th minute, Peraud commits a foul on the edge of the penalty area. But it's not a penalty! After a counterattack, Rokue scores a goal. But its offside. It remains 1-1. In 63 minutes, it's 2-1 right after Aston Villa's second goal AND the third goal. I had to make some changes. We switch to 4-1-4-1. It ended with 3-1 for the host. After the game, I just said briefly, guys, we were unlucky. Moveing on.
It was the beginning of December when my phone rang. Hey my friend, is it true that Wolfs called you to be their manager? What will you do? It was Dejan Stankovic. My old friend from Serbia. We trained together as children at Crvena Zvezda.

Jovica Vucinic_ Inbox.png

Deki, I think you already know the answer!

- I knew you would stay. It's wonderful to see you on TV. IGrate fantastic football.

- Why not comed to England and cheer us on from the stadium. I know thats unfortunately got fired from Sambdoria, now you have time. I think you did a good job. You just needed a little time to put it into action.

- Forget about it. There will be work. I do not worry. And I need some rest. You know what I wanted to suggest. Do you maybe follow Serie A?

- - So I follow As much as time allows.

- Look how little Luca Romero from Lazio plays. I think you are missing a player in that position. He plays on the right side. In Lazio, he does not get a chance in the first team. Knowing you and your style. With my twenty years and readiness, I think I would be a regular in your team.

- Deki brother. I have to admit to you. Although I haven't told anyone yet. We are currently following the young Brazilian Endrick. We have some difficulties with the negotiations. He is only 17 years old. He doesn't want to leave Brazil. And I think if the big teams watchhim, there is nothing to bring him. So I can't even suggest another kid in the attack to the boss.

- Joco, do you remember when we were children. Our Zvezda played against Partizan. The biggest derby in Serbia. You remember the penalty in the 84th minute with the score 1-1. Our coach wanted me to take the penalty. I simply gave you the ball. He told you to turn to the right. You said I want to go left... I told you once again to go right and victory is ours. You listened to me. We won 2-1. Even though the coach was angry because i didn't shoot the penalty. He was happy because we won.


- Deki (that's what I called him because he was a very good friend of mine) it's impossible for you to remember that. But because of the check, you remind me of that.

- Trust me for Luka Romero as well. Young is too good.
I knew Deki since we were children. We trained together, hung out. My first going to party in the city was with Dejan Stankovic. I had my first beer with him. He lit his first cigar. We were really good friends. It was also when we played in Crvena Zvezda against Partizan as children. He let me shoot that penalty and told me where to shoot. I trusted him. And I decided to follow him and for Luka Romero. I didn't want to send scouts to Italy. I spent long nights watching clips of what Luca Romero can do with the ball.
After a few days and several smoked boxes of cigars. I went to the sports director and told Luca Romero Lazio. In truth, they were not satisfied that I wanted him in the team. But as Dejan Stankovic persuaded me to look at what the little guy knows. That's i persuaded my sports director. Our scout went to Italy. He was joined by the sports director. After a few days they returned to England. My phone rang. It was the sports director. He just told me. Since January 1, Luka Romero is in our team. Congratulations on a job well done. You are the best scout among coaches and the best coach among scouts. I smiled and thanked him for bringing the players.
Jovica Vucinic_ Inbox-5.png

That's how Luka Romero became a Southampton player thanks to my friend Stankovic.

Since Dejan's call, I kept thinking that he didn't deserve to be fired from Samdoria. I believed he could have made a good result. I get idea. Dejan Stakovic Me too, just like before.

I called him and asked if he wanted to be my assistant. Deki said without thinking. You and me like we used to? When should I come to sign.

He didn't ask about the salary or anything. In a few days he arrived in England, everything was arranged. But the management did not agree with it. And so I remained in my professional team without Stankovic.

Jovica Vucinic_ Inbox-2.png

In addition to Luca Romero, in January I also signed Alberto Moleiro for 9.5M from Las Palmas. Poston, and I have a lot of players for that position. He stayed until the end of the season on loan.

Alberto Moleiro_ Profile.png

Marko Milovanovic left the club on loan. He was simply getting opportunities, but the ball did not want to enter the goal. He needs more confidence. I think he will get it at Cardiff City.

When I rejected Wolverhampton Wanderers. He was taken over by Giovanni van Bronckhorst. He does a fantastic job. Bass gave my boys a hard time in the league game. But luckily it ended 3-2 for us.

Although I was afraid of what would happen to Leonardo. We managed to negotiate a contract. He got a higher salary. But we deleted the exit clause in the new contract. Leonardo is with us until 2028 with the possibility of an extension for another 3 years.

We extended the contract I with Andreas Schjelderup. We did not come in to persuade him not to have a clause in the contract. But we reached an agreement that it amounts to 80 million.

In January, Bayern Munich was interested in Josip Sutalo. Josip Sutal decided to stay, but we promised him that we will play in the Champions League next year. Josip has a 29M clause in his contract.

Erakovic from Crvena Zvezda was supposed to come and thus fill the hole in the defense. But he still chose Liverpool.

The players are overjoyed because after 26 played rounds we are in 5th place.

Southampton_ Competitions.png

I also received a job offer from Borussia Mönchengladbach. But I rejected her. I'm staying at Southampton until the end of the season.

Jovica Vucinic_ Inbox-4.png
I was getting ready for the trip to Munich. Yes, I did it, we did it. My young boys and I are playing in the Champions League. While I was getting ready to go to Munich, I called Dejan Stankovic, who started working as my assistant. I managed to persuade the management to bring him.

Jovica Vucinic_ Inbox-6.png

-Hey Deki are you sleeping I know it's late?
- I just went to bed. Tomorrow we travel, I need to be rested.
- I know Dejan, but are you aware that we are playing in the Champions League. Our first game is against Bayern. Which Red Star defeated and thus reached the Champions Cup final in 1991.

For me it was something extraordinary. And Dejan is used to great success. He himself won the Champions League with Inter.

10 41 31_2022042510413128846_original_am-l.jpeg

- Joco calm down. our job is to appease the players. Most of them are young and have never played such big games. Now I have to calm you and the player down. Relax like it's a friendly game.

Dejan and I have been preparing the game for a long time, we think we can make a surprise in Munich. Just like our Zvezda did in 1991 in Belgrade. I remember that game. Red Star won 2-1 in Munich. The next game was in Belgrade. About 80,000 fans attended the Crvena Zvezda stadium. A miracle was expected in Belgrade. In the 26th minute, Siniša Mihajlović gave Red Star the lead from a free kick. The Germans were unstoppable. They took a 2-1 lead. And then a miracle happened.

"Jugović... Jugović to Pancevo... Jugović... Prosinečki is here! Prosinečki! Mihajlovic in the middle! Now what is this... Two-two! Goal, goal, goal, goal! The sky has opened! The stadium exploded!”

Неколико минута после гола, судија је прогласио крај и Црвена звезда је у финалу Купа шампиона. Уследило је финале против Олимпије из Марсеја. У финалу су савладали Олимпик из Марсеја на пенале и подигли пехар.


- I want Dejan. Coincidentally or not, we playing against Bayern, Red Star in Belgrade and Olympique de Marseille, which Red Star beat in the Champions Cup final.

- I think it's time for you to go to sleep. See you in the morning.

Dejan ended the connection.

Last season, we finished in 5th place and won a place in the Champions League. Nobody expected that at the beginning of the season. Our stadium was 98% full.

Jovica Vucinic_ End of Season Review-2.png

At the end of the season, the management gave me a free hand regarding the transfer. While I was on vacation in Serbia after the end of the season, I met Dragan Stojković Pixi, the head coach of the Serbian national team in Belgrade in Knez Mihajlova Street. We had never met before that.
I told him:

- Good afternoon, I'm...

I didn't even finish the sentence and he said

- I know who you are, little one. You are Joca coach of Southampton. Congratulations on your results. And good luck in the Champions League.
- Thank you, selectors. I also congratulate you on the results at the world championship. Serbia reached the ¼ finals. It was great to watch them play.
- Are you for coffee?
- Of course, but I honor.
- Let's go to this cafe.

We talked a lot about football over coffee. Mr. Stojković was a great man. He did an extremely good job as the coach of the Serbian national team. bad passed the World Cup in Qatar, but I was glad that he stayed on as a coach after that.


I asked him about young Strahinja Pavlović. Strahinja was a player of Fussballclub RB Salzburg.
- I know you are looking for defenders. Strahinja is what you need. Just remember the match between Serbia and Norway.
- How could I not remember that match, Mr. Stojkovic. Then Strahinja guarded Hallanda. It can be said that Haaland was not at the game. He could not approach the goal of Serbia.

Strahinja Pavlović_ Profile.png

- Please, no sir. We are colleagues after all. Feel free to call me Dragan.
- Agreed!
- Have you seen little Nikola Delibasic from Cukaricki playing? He will be a great football player.
- Oh yes, I've been following him for some time. But I can't get in touch with him
- This is not difficult. Do you want me to call his manager and make an appointment?
- Of course
Cukaricki's manager was Branko Zigic. Brother of our famous football player Nikola Zigica.

So Pixi scheduled a meeting with Branko, with whom I very easily agreed on the purchase of young Nikola Delibasic for 1.6M
- Joco, I will tell you a secret. I hope it will not reach the newspapers. Because nothing is certain yet.
- Of course, I'm really interested.
- After the European Championship, the leaders of the Football Association of Serbia are not satisfied with my result. They believe that we should have beaten Ukraine and entered the semi-finals. They want my resignation.
- By no means! You are doing an outstanding job. Sorry, you doing an amazing job. You should stay.
- I don't ask myself much. Tell me what you think of the Watford squad.
- Slaven Bilić is doing an outstanding job there. He managed to bring them to the Premier League. The others are also in it. And I admit even though I beat them both games. It was very difficult.
- In addition to the fact that the Football Association of Serbia wants to fire me. I admit that they called me from Watford. They want to fire Bilic. So we might have the chance to play against each other.
- If it comes to that, I know it will be a very difficult game. Because you are really a great football expert.
- Sorry, Joco, it's already five o'clock, I'd have to go. Give me your phone number and we'll talk.

We exchanged phone numbers. And after a month we met in England. Dragan is Watford coach.

I listened dear and brought Strahinja Pavlović for 16.25M. In addition to him in defense, Josip Stanišić joined us for 21.5M and Enzo Bojomo who arrived for 9.75M.

We did the preparatory part as we did last season in Turkey. I was satisfied with what I saw. Each player maintained his form even during the rest. Roony Bardghji joins us in the pre-season, who came from Football Club København for 9.5 million. So our right side is reserved for him AND Luca Romero.

At the match I found that the young goalkeeper Gavin Bazunu is not trying hard enough. He was one of the few players who came back unprepared. I invited him to my office. A small argument ensued. He was only 22 years old. I thought he would be one of the best goalkeepers in the world. But he simply did not want to work and study. He was late for training. When we were at my office, he told me "You can't do anything to me", your team needs me. I kicked him out from my office. He ended up on the transfer list. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to sell it to Napoli, who wanted a loan with the right of redemption, and I wanted money right away. He eventually went to Besiktas A.S. on loan without redemption. But at the end of the season he definitely leaves. Joining us is the young goalkeeper Elia Caprile 5.25M

Elia Caprile_ Profile.png

Џејсон Дуран је отишао на позајмицу где би требало да почне више утакмица од почетка.
Дијало 21М, Арибо 13,25М и Адам Армстронг 8,5М напустили су тим.

Southampton_ Transfer History.png

At the beginning of the season, not everything went according to plan. After 3 games we had zero points. We lost against Arsenal, Liverpool and Wes Ham. The players became disgruntled. The young Norwegian I Šutalo wants to leave the club. Are goingto a bigger club. Of course I didn't let them. After calming the passion. The completed transfer period. Three victories followed. Now, after 6 games played, we are in 9th place with 9 points won.

Marko Milovanovic returned from his loan. He scored 4 goals in two games. He saved us in the game against Sunderland. He entered the game instead of Leonard In 66 minutes. In 72, a foul is made on him and we get a penalty. Prost scores a goal. The score is 1-1. By the end of the game, Marko scored 2 goals and we won. He deserved to start the next game from the beginning. We played against Brentford. We won 2-0. Both goals were scored by Marko.

Here are the first matches of the Champions League.

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We managed
No one believed that Southampton would be able to go further in the Champions League. Young manager and his asistent Dejan Stanković achieved great success for the club from London. After the game with Bayern, you could see that the young team will fight for every point. Bayer struggled in the first half, but towards the end of the game they manage to score two goals and thus go home with 3 points.

Joca was disappointed. He wanted to take at least a point in the first game. But there are still 7 games left. After Bayern came the game in Zagreb. Dinamo had a good team. It is known that nobody can do anything to them in the Croatian League. World-class players came from Dinamo, such as:
  • Marko Pjaca
  • Mateo Kovačić
  • Eduardo Da Silva who played at Arsenal. But injury prevented him from becoming one of the best strikers in the world.
  • Surely the most famous Dinamo player in the world is Luka Modrić.
  • Tin Jedvaj
  • Vedran Ćorluka
  • Dejan Lovren
  • Mario Mandzukic is one of the best Juventus strikers in the last 10 years
  • Ivica Olić, who used to play for Bayern Munich,
  • Niko Kranjčar
  • Dani Olmo, for whom is interested in all big clubs today
  • Josko Guardiol. a guy who is already called a rock. There is no getting past him.

Mamić did a great job selling players. Currently, he does not perform any function in Dinamo. He was known for swearing a lot. He was often known to swear at journalists, opposing players, and referees. But it was him. And that's exactly why I loved him.


I knew that the match in Zagreb would be difficult. Dinamo was a team that always went for the win. the stadium was full. Although the management advised me to rest some players. I decided to go out with the strongest team. I didn't know how the fans would react to players who once played for them, such as Livaković, Josip Šutalo and Martin Baturina. The time has come to take the field. In the starting line-up, two of the three were on the field. Baturina sitingon the bench and waited for his chance. A big surprise followed. Dinamo fans wrote a big banner to the mentioned three. WELCOME HOME!

The stadium was full. We took a 2-1 lead, but Dinamo equalized. We were scared. A couple of tactical changes followed. Lisandro complained to me that he was tired of having to leave the field. Delibasic got his chance. He also scored a goal in stoppage time. The match ended 4-2. After the match, our Dinamo invited everyone to a joint dinner. It was fantastic. We had a very nice time. I used the time to mention that I will definitely be coming for more players.

We played 2-0 against Ludogorets at our stadium. We had 6 points from 3 games. The feeling was extraordinary. But I knew we still had tough games to come.

We went to Spain. Barcelona were ruthless. They won 8-2. I didn't expect to win, but I didn't think we would lose like that either. I told the players not to worry. It's Barcelona. Moveing on. It will be better in the next game. Even though I knew that the next game we were playing against mine and Dejan's Crvena Zvezda. Zvezda has one of the best fans. I spoke to Dejan before the game. We both loved that club. The star did his best. It was very difficult to prepare the game. Respond to their pressures. To the songs of their fans. Simply, when our team had the ball, the fans created a lot of pressure with theirs soung that our young guys made a lot of mistakes. In the end, we managed to win 2-1.
I remember that Nikola Delibašić, who came from the Serbian League, approached me after the game.

He told me: Boss, this kind of cheering is nowhere in the world. Only at our place in Serbia. Only Zvezda and Partizan fans can do that.

Nikola was not the only one who was delighted with the cheering. Young Brazilians told me that Belgrade reminds them of Rio de Janeiro. So do we sing and dance. Serbs are very cheerful people.

I promised them that I would bring them all to Belgrade at the end of the season. If only they knew what parties are like in Belgrade. It certainly does not exist anywhere in the world.

The next game was against Bridge. Whether because of the promise that I will lead them to Belgrade or because of the desire to go further in the Champions League and make a miracle, we beat Bridge with 6-0. Everyone scored goals, both attackers and defenders.

The match reminded me of the Serbian film "Montevideo". The film is about the first world championship that took place in Uruguay. Even then, as great outsiders and players that no one believed in, they managed to reach the semi-finals. Yes, the Serbian national team played in the semi-finals of the World Cup in football.
Unfortunately, there was a big theft because the semi-final was played against Uruguay, which was the host. Everyone was on Urugvay side. they simply had to make it to the finals.

At that World Cup, Serbia knocked out one of the main favorites, Brazil. The Serbian players responded to Brazil samba with the Serbian round. That's exactly how we are in the next matches, even though we are big outsiders.
When we were written off by everyone. when everyone thought we showed what we had in a champion. We managed to beat Olympique Marseille at their home ground. And with a score of 6-2.

The next game was against Atletico Madrid. We played at home. Atlético went home with 6 goals in the net. The score was 6-0.

We finished fifth.

Southampton_ Fixtures.png

The next game is against Leipzig. Will we manage to go to the quarter finals?

Do you like how I write this? Should I continue writing or not?
Before the start of the game with Leicester, I received a text message. It was Dragan Stojković Pixi. Pixie didn't do well with Watford. It was in 17th position.

"First of all, I want to congratulate you on going further in the Champions League. I knew you would succeed. Win Leicester, don't let them get close to me in the table. I hope to see you soon. I've got rakiju from Serbia. We'll drink it together."

I didn't do well play in the Premier League either. I was in the 10th position. The management was satisfied. And I hoped to play in Europe next year as well.

Southampton_ Competitions-2.png

In the game against Leicester, we were favourites. Especially after the game with Leipzig, which we won 7-2 at home. And that's how we made up for the result from the first game, which was 5-2 for Leipzig.

We didn't have our chances in the first game. The players did their best. But it just wasn't our night. I knew we only had a chance if all the dice came together. I had a plan. it was up to the players to understand what I wanted and for everyone to give their best.

The main weapon of Leipzig was Timo Werner. We should have marked him and not let them get the ball to him. If the ball comes to him, we immediately concede a goal. After that, their defenders penetrated from the side and employed the players in the penalty area with crosses.

Southampton v RB Leipzig_ Opposition-2.png

The players thought we had no chance.

"Boss, this is a good result too. No one was hoping for this."

I was furious.

"That's because no one had any hope. We're going to win now. We're going to move on.

The match started, the stadium was full. The fans sang at the top of their lungs.

After 8 minutes, Werner scores a goal. But the assistant referee raises the flag and the goal is disallowed. I knew we couldn't concede an early goal. Endrik scores a goal in the 10th minute. I jumped off the bench. I was looking forward to it. But the referee raises the flag again and it remains 0-0.

I didn't sit until the end of the game. The judge warned me a couple of times. I cheered on my players. I knew we had our chance. Luca Romero broke through on the right side. but the ball did not go into the goal. But on the left side, the young Norwegian passes everything and scores a goal for 1-0. It was played. We controlled the game. Leipzig withdrew. They knew they had an advantage and they just needed to keep it. But it's 30 minutes and Endrik scores a goal. It's 2-0 for us.

The fans sang even louder. That's what I was waiting for. Everyone started to believe that we could. But our most experienced player. Our captain. He commits a needless foul in the half of the field and receives a red card. Leipzig uses it and we leave at halftime with a score of 2-1 for ours.

Believe me, at halftime I looked like my friend Dragan Stojović Pixi against the World Cup match with Switzerland.


I entered the dressing room. I was very angry with the captain. Because experience was on his side. I went in and immediately lit a cigar.

"Guys, what we did is a miracle. Leipzig can't be seen on the field. Don't give up. We're moving on. I gave them some tactical advice. Look kid. I told Endrik. You stay alone in the attack. We have to strengthen the middle of the field."

"Boss, are you sure. There are more experienced players here, maybe leonardo can do the job. I'm sure he will do it better"

"Hey, you're staying. This is mine decision. Tomorrow all the newspapers will write about you, go score 2 more goals."

I had to boost his confidence. The council was really his. He needed some confidence.

The second half began. The magic began on the field. What I asked them to do at halftime, they did. The ball went from one side to the other. Leipzig players have no chance, I knew it.

Dejan approached me: Calm down, brother.

But this is our game. Go in the bench, I want everyone to be ready at any moment. I never know how the coach of Leipzig will respond to our tactics. The magic started. Endrik scores 2 goals. Its 60 minutes.

Baturina, who was supposed to cover Prost's red card, played fantastically. He wanted to prove himself. And he scores two hits. I was overjoyed. We have a result. We just have to hold on for another 10 minutes.

I just thought that. The foul is on the edge of the penalty area. The ball is taken by a young Norwegian. And he scores a goal. The stadium exploded.

He approached my bench.
"Boss calm down now"

Southampton v RB Leipzig_ Review.png

After the season ended, a meeting with Dragan Šolak followed. Besides me, Dejan Stanković also attended the meeting.
Dejan and I met in front of the building where the meeting was scheduled.

- Where are you brother, how are you?

Dejan was someone who was never late. That could not be said for me.

- Here I am, brother. I'm ******* late again. Let's go upstairs. Don't forget it's your turn to pay for the beer after the meeting.
He smiled and we hurriedly headed for Dragan Šolak's office.

- So where are you guys? How are you? What are we going to drink? A drink is the least I can offer to are. You have done a great job.

Dragan Šolak is a businessman originally from Kragujevac, a city in central Serbia. Southampton bought 2022. For Dragan, besides the results, money was important. Because that's what a businessman is.


- Sorry boss for being late. I screwed up. Dejan was waiting for me in front.

- Well done guys, you have shown again that you are a good team.

Dragan was in a very good mood. Although he hated being late. He was known for being on time and being a very precise person.

He poured us drinks. Although I hated whiskey. I smiled and thanked him. After casual talks, what we came for followed.

Look guys. Did the same great job. I love it when we exceed expectations. We are predicted to finish 10th at the beginning of the season. We finished 9. Well done!

Jovica Vucinic_ End of Season Review-3.png

What you have done in the Champions League is commendable. I'm sorry that we were eliminated in the semi-finals by Liverpool, but we certainly didn't give up.

We won the first game at home with 3-1. But we didn't show ourselves as guests. we lost 4-1 and that's how one goal decided.

Dragan already drank the second whiskey on ex. He was walking around the office. He had no peace. And he just said, kudos to you.

Jovica Vucinic_ End of Season Review-4.png

I was not satisfied with the season. If we forget the success in the Champions League. What about losing in the Carabao Cup in the first round to Hull City 5-2.

Dragan did not mention the Carabao Cup. And how could he even mention him when money was certainly on his mind. I thought at one point that he doesn't even like this club at all. That he is only there for the money. But I quickly changed my mind.

Look guys. You finished in 9th place. I'm happy about that. But now I give you a new goal. Next season I want you to be from 1 to 8 places in the premier league.

I'm not that interested for transfer. But next season I want us to be better in the league. And listen to me now, both of you. find a solution for Klopp. He beat ours in the FA Cup in the quarter-finals with 6-1.

Jovica Vucinic_ End of Season Review-5.png

- Joco, I didn't trust you for a bit Endrick. The boy is fantastic. That's why I'm giving you 85M for transfers for next season. Do what you want with them, but I wish them success next season. I give you 1.9 million for wages.

When he said that, he poured himself who knows what whiskey in order. I looked at Dejan and couldn't believe what I was hearing.

- Come on, have another drink with me.

Dejan laughed because he knew what the problem was.

- Boss, you know that Joca is someone who doesn't like whiskey and colored drinks. If you had offered it with beer, I would certainly have sung a song from Serbia with you.

It's true, I was someone who didn't really like whiskey. How can someone drink whiskey and there is homemade rakija?

-Joco, you have to get used to whiskey. The legend of the club must drink whiskey.

- My Dragan, I am far from a legend. But I want to tell you something.


He said shortly as he picked up the phone in his office.

- I think we will have problems to keep some players.

-Bring a carton of beer for our Joca.

He told the answering machine over the phone and then continued.

- Look, I'll be short. That's your problem. Keep them. Sell them. But I gave you target for next season.

- And you know. I promised the players that I would bring them to Serbia. I want them to be my guests. And to see some nightlife in Belgrade. And when the beer will arrive. Give me an ashtray too so I can light one cigar.

Dragan hated cigars. he reluctantly let me light up.

- That's how Siniša Mihalović and I took Favali, Vieri and Adriano out to Belgrade.

Dejan said


- You two are not normal. That you might not take them to a pljeskavica with onions.

Pljeskavica was a specialty from Serbia. And when you come to Serbia, you have to try it. Foreigners know how to say that a pljeskavica is the same as a burger. But of course not.

- Exactly.


- Sorry, director, I have nowhere to buy beer.

The secretary interrupted the call. And Dragan looked at her angrily.

I stood up and patted him. Boss, it doesn't matter, I'm definitely in a hurry. Next time, buy a beer first, then call me. I smiled and headed for the door.

- Wait for me, I'm going too.

Dejan answered and that's how we left the club premises.

While we were going out, Dejan was angry with me.

- You are not normal, will we manage to finish among the first 8 places. Dragan will fire us if we fail.

- We'll make it.

I laughed even though I had no solution for Klopp or the holes in the team. But we from the Balkans are resourceful.
This weekend the fight for first place

Joca works wonders at Southampton.

After the surprise and reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League last season, the manager of Southampton Yoca continues to produce good results this season in the Premier League. They are in second place and play this weekend's first place game against Liverpool.

Since the beginning of the season, they have been unstoppable and have been scoring good results. At the beginning of the season, nobody gave them that many chances, but these guys are unstoppable.

Southampton_ Competitions.png

They completed the summer transfer window in silence and there were no major reinforcements. But we are used to them bringing in young players and turning them into stars. In the transfer window, they spent 68.75M, but they also earned 79.65M by selling players.

Some important players from last season left the club:

1. Sékou Mara - The young Frenchman has struggled since Joca took over the club. He played a little. He went to Galatasaray for 11M.

2. Enzo Boyomo - A player who had trouble getting a work permit in England has moved to French side AS Saint-Etienne and is showing great performances. He left the club in 12M.

3. Duje Ćaleta-Car- A player who knew how to score for Southampton left the club for 10.75M. Let's remember how many times he helped Southampton with his corner kick goals. As we unofficially learn, he insisted on moving to Seville.

4- Jhon Durán - When he arrived in Southampton, the media wrote that he would be the new Messi. He used chances when he got them from the coach. But Endrik arrived at the club. The young Brazilian showed great games, especially in the Champions League. And so he kicked Duran out of the team. Duran now plays in Mexico in Tigres de la UANL. The Mexican team bought him for 20.5M. Southampton had brought him for around 5 million and they made good money on him.

5. Armel Bella-Kotchap - Did not get along with Southampton manager. He leaves the club for 4.4 million and moves to Bayer 04 Leverkusen.

As for the guys who came to the club. These are mostly players under the age of 20. The right one is still expected from them.

The following arrived at the club:

1. Fedor Ilić - With his games, he shows that he will surely be one of the best defensive players in the world. Language is not such a big problem for him because there are a lot of Croats and Serbs in the team and it is known that they speak the same language. Vech gets a chance in the first team. He arrived from Fussballclub RB Salzburg for 13.75M.

Fedor Ilić_ Profile.png

2- Hamid Carlier- Belgian who arrived from R Antwerp FC for 20.5M. An incredibly high figure for this player. But if we say that Liverpool and Manchester City fought for him as well as the other greats. It is understandable why the transfer cost so much.

Hamid Carlier_ Profile.png

3. Roberto - says that his role model is Denilson, who used to play at Arsenal. He has great potential to make a great career. Arrives from BRA in 15M.

Roberto_ Profile.png

4.Roberto Rivero - Arrives from Club León for 7.5M.

Roberto Rivero_ Profile.png

When we wrote at the beginning of the season that Nikola Delibasic is a new player for AZ from the Netherlands. Everyone was in disbelief. The player who the Joca manager himself insisted on coming to the club is moving to the Netherlands. Joca briefly explained to us that he will get more places in the first team in Holland. and to definitely count on him

Nikša Delibašić_ Profile.png

We decided to get the Southampton manager on the phone to tell us what he thinks is in store for him in the rest of the season and what he expects in the game against Liverpool. Joca is known to be someone who doesn't really like to make statements to the media, and that's how it was, and this time he didn't answer our phone.
The Norwegians surprised at the World Cup

After a very successful season for our team, I was in my house thinking about the results achieved and the World Cup. The World Cup was held in Spain. There were a lot of good teams. Brazil is always one of the main favorites and has been waiting for its title since 2002.


I called Dejan.

- Dejane, what are you doing?
- I'm packing right now, I want to go to Serbia for a while. Is there anything better than watching the World Cup with your old friends?
- I'm traveling next week. I have to finish some other business here. Did you see that Pixie got fired?
- So he's joining us?
- Of course I already invited him, but no agreement was reached?
-How? Is money an issue?
- You know Pixie is not like that. And there is money. I offered him to be a scout. To be at home in Serbia, to be in charge of looking for our children in Serbia.
- So what's the problem?
- He wanted the position of sports director. To which of course I could not agree. But he certainly said that he would spend time in Belgrade. And as soon as he sees a prodigy, he will let me know.
- Dragan is good. I understand him too, great football career, coaching and now being a scout. Well, it doesn't work.
- It doesn't matter.
- Say my friend.
-Wait a second...

I took the remote from the TV and turned it up. Our fans were talking about the last season on television. They voted that their best game was when we beat Chelsea 4-0.


- Do you watch TV? Did you see what Southampton fans voted for?
- I read on the Internet about it. But I think every game is important in itself. But what did you want to ask me?

- I know you want to rest. But I know you were in Italy for a long time. Tell me what you think about Luciano Spalletta.
- An outstanding coach, but he thinks he hasn't coached anyone for two years. What have you come up with now?
- Well, my friend, he is part of our team. Luciano Spalletti is Southampton's new scout.
- Are you sure about that?
- That we will sign the contract soon. See you in Serbia.

I enjoyed my vacation in Serbia. I spent time in Vojvodina. Novi Sad is a beautiful city. The World Cup in football has started. That's what we've been waiting for. Serbia was in a group with Guinea and Brazil. Passage was expected. The new world championship was also played according to new rules. There were 3 teams in the group. 2 games are played and 2 teams advance. I expected Serbia to pass. Although I didn't like the technique. I had to check my emails regularly. So one morning I open my email and a message arrives from the director of football.

Boss, at the club arrived Jefferson Bernal and Mahmut Özkan
See you.

Jefferson Bernal was a fantastic player. He arrived from Colombia for 3M. I am convinced that he will be a world player.

Jefferson Bernal_ Profile.png

And as for Mahmut Özkan. I wanted him for a long time. The negotiations lasted a long time. When we agreed on everything. I knew there was another problem. Someone had to leave the club. It was crowded. on the wining back.

Mahmut Özkan_ Profile.png

And they say don't light a cigar in the morning. They all had a great season. If I don't sell someone now after a great season, his price will drop. And again if I sell it. Everyone will be unhappy. I decided. The choice fell to leave the club Kyle Walker-Peters.

I enjoyed my vacation. Serbia advanced to the World Cup. After the group, there was a match against Uruguay. In the last minutes we score a goal and win 3-2. I was happy for Serbia. But not everything went according to plan for me. I thought that if they fired the current coach after the World Cup, I would take over Serbia and try to lead both the national team and the club. I knew the coach would stay because after Uruguay they also beat Scotland.

I'm on vacation. I haven't used the phone much. 12 missed calls Dragan Šolak.

-Monkey one, who do you think you are* What are you doing with my club*
- Dragan, what is the problem?
- You can still ask me what the problem is. You sell Peters and ask me what the problem is. And you sell him to West Ham. And you yourself know that Bilić screws you with tactics every game.
- Oh, Dragan. We had to sell. I thought of you too. Now he has the best price. You earned money. You have to pay for the beer.
- I'll pay you a beer!

he replied cheekily and I realized I had to calm down.

-OK. I should have let you know first. But you yourself said when we signed the new contract for me that I can make transfers without your knowledge.
-Transfers, but not to sell the main players, so don't let me know. Do you know how much I made selling his jerseys*
-I'll let you know next time-
-Next time? So another star is leaving the club?
- Tell me everything.
- Kamari Doyle has to go. We get 18.25M for him. And I need that money to bring in new young players.
-18.25M* so you are a genius. We didn't pay for him anything, and he's leaving for 18.25M. But I know you Joco. I know you're going to tell me something I don't want to hear.
-You're right. Marko Milovanović, the kid we brought in at the beginning of our cooperation, is leaving. I just don't have a place in the team for him. Brazilians do wonders in attack. Roméo Lavia's contract expires. He doesn't want to continue play for Soutemton I sold him for 5M. I know it's worth more, but we have to take at least some money.

Southampton_ Transfer History.png

-Is there anything else I need to know*
Dragan asked
- That's all for now.
-See you.

The world championship was still going on. Serbia played against England in the quarter-finals. I knew we didn't have much to expect from that match. So it was. The English win with 5-1. The English reached the final. And in the final, the biggest surprises of the tournament awaited them. Representation of Norwegian. I was happy for my player. Who in the end managed to win the tournament with his representation.

After the world championship, Amsal Mujcic joined us. Partisan player. He signed a contract with us but remained on loan. I did not expect that Mujicic would play the first team at my place. But the transfer was 5M. I knew it would be worth more in a year or so.

Amsal Mujcic_ Profile.png

I decided to do the preparations in China. Dejan was not happy that we were going to China. I have never been to China. And when I can choose, why not travel to China at the expense of the club.

He joined us during the preparations. Matías Vidal.

Matías Vidal_ Profile.png

I knew that Prost would retire for us a little longer. We had to find an adequate replacement for him. I'm also bringing Lucas Mayo.

Lucas Mayo_ Profile.png

I know that none of them will be able to immediately replace Prost. But Prost can play at his level for a few more seasons.

I'm known to like to light a cigar. And so one day I light a cigar and wathing clips on YouTube. I discovered Santiago Angulo. I immediately sent a scout to Colombia. We managed to get him for a million. Dragan will surely like this. Its value is now close to 50M

I sent a lot of players on loan. A difficult season awaits us. Expectations are high. Last season was great as far as the league is concerned. But we are still not doing well in the cups. last season we were eliminated in the 4th round in the carabao cup. Nothing was better in the FA Cup either. There we reached the fifth round .
Southampton are rushing towards their first title


After the preparations in the China, the season started. Although we did not play well in the preliminary games. I had to raise the morale of the players. I only explained to them that these were preparations. in the preparatory games we played a game against Manchester United. We got an invitation from them for the game to give our former player Luke Shaw a farewell from football.

Days went by, the season was about to start. I knew that ours was in for a big fight. We have agreed with the management that the goals that were last year are the same. I wanted us to play in the Champions League next season as well. I didn't even expect what was waiting for us.

The season has started. We played most of the games at 424. The victories came in a row. It doesn't matter whether we play at home or away. We have become bitter enemies of all.

I knew we had to stay composed as a drop in form could happen. But that didn't happen. Let's go in order.

The season progressed and the victories followed. I laughed when I read the headline in the newspaper. Southampton have a corner, like the other teams, a penalty. Yes, a miracle was happening. A corner kick is taken by James Ward-Prowse as Sutalo dives and scores. Šutalo became the best scorer in the Premier League.


He is currently overtaken by Erling Haaland. But we are a team, it doesn't matter who scores the goals, the important thing is to win.

We always played hard with Newcastle. we couldn't beat them. Koeman did a phenomenal job. at least against us. But the management of Newcastle was not satisfied and they fired him and Mauricio Pochettino arrived in his place.

Of course, not everything was so great. There were also dissatisfied players. Stanišić was a player who should have left the club. A young Turkish player should have taken his place. I discovered it myself. I called his manager. We easily agreed. The contract was signed. The transition period has arrived. Mehmet Yakar was ready to join the team. But the administration is blocking my transfer. And not only him, but many other players. I was terribly angry. I quit the sport director. I thought he was the problem. We are entering into negotiations again. We agree on everything. Dejan Stanković is calling me. Brother can't come, we bought 6 young players.

4 (2).png

Move on...

I was happy that everyone wanted to show their knowledge on the field. I gave them chances in the cups, they came off the bench. One day, Strahinja Pavlović came to see me.

- Boss, I want to tell you something.
- Say Strahinja.

We spoke in Serbian, because I, like him, came from Serbia.

- Look, this is how I entered into negotiations with Real Madrid. You know what Real Madrid is. They should invite you too, and I am convinced that one day you will lead them. You would go too. I want to go, I hope you won't cause me any trouble.

I can't say I wasn't furious.

- Look Strahinja, of course I won't cause you any problems. Real Madrid is an extraordinary team. The best team in the world. I'll tell you a story. The same Real Madrid wanted Francesco Totti in their team when you were a child. Do you know who he was?

I didn't let him answer me, I just kept talking.

Well, that Francesco Totti knew who Real Madrid was just like you. But he didn't go after the money. He knew that there he would win more trophies, earn more money. And do you know!

- Boss, I was interrupted by Strahinja. You know what! Well, I'm the first team player here. I am satisfied with my income. We have good results. Everything is going according to plan. I'm staying!

I couldn't help myself, I went up to him and hugged him. I knew you were a good guy.

in the morning I liked to flip through the daily newspaper with my coffee. And so one morning in the sports newspaper on the front page. My player! But, they did not write about successes. About victories.

Vitor Roque does not score goals. But he goes crazy around the clubs.

It was what we didn't need at all. Vitor Roque was a player who played fantastically last season. I haven't given him that many chances this season. It wasn't his season. I had to find a solution for it. If I call the press or tell him to call them, we'll make a series out of it. Journalists were waiting for it. I called him.

- Vitor Roque caming to me.
-**** boss, I screwed up. Excuse me.
- I didn't ask you anything, COMING NOW.
- I'll be in the office in half an hour.
- Come home, I'm not in the office.

I had a plan, it could have worked and I could have made even bigger ****!

he arrived, his face showed that he had been partying last night as well. I thought no, his career must not fail. Brazilian players were prone to night life . Ronaldinho, Adriano. the kind of left Adriano had. What a career that would be. Ronaldinho. For me, he is still the best football player.

- Say boss.
- Sit down, would you like a coffee?
- I didn't, thank you. Let's solve this. Tell me what the punishment is.
- What is your punishment* Are you serious. so do you think the boss is like that. Punishment for what.
- Boss, I know you were reading the newspaper, and that's why you called me.
- Yes, that's right. You're right. I poured him homemade rakija from Serbia and offered him a cigar.
- No thanks, boss. It won't happen again.
- I put a glass with him. And at home, of course. I lit a cigar and talked to him. Look, the season is definitely not yours. But you're a player. You can fix yourself. Just calm. Don't pay attention to what the newspapers say. Now I'm going to tell you something. Do you know who Robert Prosinečki was? Player from Croatia who played in Real, Barcelona, Sevilla. He was an outstanding player. And he smoked two packs of cigars a day. He was not hiding. And thus the journalists did not have to spy on him. But it was not felt on the field. Well, I smoke too, Dejan smokes. It's not a big deal until it affects the game. .


- I don't understand boss, you're not mad at me at all?
- yes, I'm angry that you won't try the brandy I poured for you. And let's light one. And listen here. You start the next game.
-Boss, I will score a goal

He didn't score a one goal in the next game. He scored three goals. Journalists stopped writing about it. He took the pressure off himself. And he started scoring goals.

There is still time to play until the end of the season. There are 7 games left. we are in first place. But everything can change. We are all equal.

In the Carabao Cup, we were eliminated in the quarter-finals by Arsenal on penalties. Niksa Delibasic missed the penalty.

We also lost to Lyon in the Champions League on penalties.

But we are satisfied with what we have achieved so far.

After good results, Ralf Rangnickleft the Serbian national team. . I didn't understand why he was fired even though he was winning. I saw this as my chance. I immediately sent a request to take over the national team.

Dragan was not satisfied with my choice, he called me and I explained to him that I wanted to stay in Southampton but also to lead Serbia.

Everyone saw me as a coach. But a big surprise. The Football Association of Serbia chooses Gordan Petrić through me. Who was fired in Turin after very bad results.

I felt guilty because I had the idea to go to the European Championship with Serbia and bring some of the medals home. I'm still waiting for my chance. And I hope to succeed in that.
The season is over.

Jovica Vucinic_ End of Season Review-3.png

We were the first. We also won the FA Cup.
We played the FA Cup final against Liverpool. Me against Klopp. Klopp against me. It was a very interesting match. Klopp was an extraordinary tactician. But we managed to find a solution for him. As Dragan told me, find a solution for the knock. I did it! We were regularly better than them in the league. But the FA Cup final! They were more experienced. Our players are very young. They needed confidence. Delibasic was our joker from the bench. He brings us victory in the last minute of the match.

Southampton v Liverpool_ Pitch.png

I wouldn't single out any player in particular as far as last season is concerned. We were a real team. We played as one. At the end of the season, Josip Stanišić comes to me and wants to go to Marseille. I knew we would miss him next season. He was an experienced player. But he simply wanted to be always in the top 11. I couldn't afford that. Went away. Besides him, Livaković also left the club. With the arrival of the young goalkeeper. Osvaldo Balbuena Livaković knew that he would be the 3rd goalkeeper in the team. Osvaldo Balbuena was the backup goalkeeper. But if he works hard, he has a great chance to be the first goalkeeper in two seasons.

Osvaldo Balbuena_ Profile.png

I would single out Sidney Ferreira, a young hope. He gets a chance from the club on the right side. We'll see what happens.

I knew the crowd was on offense. I needed a solution! I'm worried. What will I do? After winning the league, everyone will want to be a starter. I should have told them that we have to continue as a team. Big clubs were interested in our players.

It is known that I like to bring young hopes from Dinamo Zagreb. They had an outstanding school of young players. I've rarely been wrong about bringing in youngsters. I had a very good scout team. But with Baturina, I was wrong. So he left the club. But a young Croat is coming to us. Nerman Stimac. It will be a big return. He will get his chance from the bench. But he still has to work with young people. And we will see next season whether he stays with us or goes on loan.

Scott Greatorex was a great player. I knew that if I didn't bring him in this transfer window, I wouldn't have much of a chance next season. The negotiations were difficult. But we managed and it arrived from Genk.

Scott Greatorex_ Profile.png