Belgian Bastards!!


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Jan 28, 2006
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Well Belgium was a complete nightmare compared to Norway. We were working outside on a mobile rig and it ****** it down all the time we were there.
To make things worse, the clutch went on the works van as we got there so that was towed off to be repaired. This left us at the mercy of the bastards who had bought the rig and were desperate for it to be finished. They left us in this ****** used car yard til 10 every night to make sure the work got done in stupidly short timeframe. We couldnt even get out of the yard as it was electronically locked and we had no key :mad:
Then on the Wednesday they moved the rig to the school it was being demoed at, and we were there from 8 in the morning til 8 the next morning as the ******* wouldnt take us back to the hotel :mad: :mad:
We did a runner in the end and managed to grab a taxi back to the hotel where we stayed til we got the van back. Then on the way back every single Motorway was jammed because of crashes, turning a 6 hour drive into an 11 hour drive :mad: :mad: :mad:
Anyway, the beer was class though....
Real jobs dont pay this well mate.
Sounds like you had fun ;)

Those bastards!
ahh weell they have nice chocolate :p
Quick Kris edit your message so it says nice beer or we might think you're a bit of a girl. :)